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We bring together data scientists and journalists to create timely and rigorous data journalism.

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HIGHLIGHT: A fascinating meetup #19 on government-driven social media manipulation. Following the event, Data Journalism DC member Jingnan Huo talked about the meetup's presenter, Dr. Philip Howard--Director of the Oxford Internet Institute--and Samantha Bradshaw’s findings on NPR. Congrats and thank you, Jingnan! You can hear the NPR news segment here: https://soundcloud.com/flavius-mihaies/npr-news-07-21-2018-3am-et-jingnan-on-oxford-internet-institutes-new-research


We began as a way to connect the local participants in the Knight Center's Python for Data Journalists: Analyzing Money in Politics MOOC in June 2017 and continued as a community to get to know more people interested in data journalism, and now worldwide, and produce consequential data journalism that helps identify the scale of an issue of importance to our times or has the potential of influencing policy. To this end, the group will actively explore avenues for publishing project outcomes.

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The group is open to anyone interested in data science, journalism, and public interest issues.

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