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Eduthon: Data Structure and Algorithms in Python ( Data scientist , SDET)

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Eduthon: Data Structure and Algorithms in Python ( Data scientist , SDET)


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Data Structure and Algorithms in Python course is specially designed for Data scientist & SDET's trageting to crack interviews or online coding round of tier one company (Amazon, Flipkart , Walmart etc )

Prerequisites ::
Basic understanding of python is required.

What to bring ::
Please bring you laptop with Python IDE installed.

Agenda ::
This meetup we will cover basics of Stack & Queues and few tricky problems based on it.

• What are Stack & Queue?
• How are Stack & Queues used?
• Applications
• Implementation of Stack & queues.
• Problems & Solution


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• WAP for reversing a queue Q, To access the queue, we are only allowed to use the methods of queue ADT

• Implement a queue using stacks.

• Implement a stack using queues.

• Maximum sum in sliding window :

• Minimum time required to rot all oranges.

• Little Monk and Goblet of Fire:



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What You Will Learn

Get a better understanding of advanced programming concepts such as big-o notation, dynamic programming, and functional data structures.
Explore data structures and algorithms in a clear and visual manner.

Getting a solid understanding of Python data structures implementation.
Understand the common programming patterns and algorithms used in Python data science, or while developing a test automation software product.
Write efficient robust code.

This meetup will introduce you to different types of data structure in Python
you will learn about critical data structures and topics such as linear, tree/graph data structures, hashing and different shorting , searching and graph algorithms

We are going to implement problems in Python. You will start by learning the basics of data structures, linked lists, and arrays in Python. You will be shown how to code tuples in Python followed by an example that shows how to program dictionaries and sets in Python. You will learn about the use of pointers in Python. You will then explore linear data structures in Python such as stacks, queues, and hash tables. In these you will learn how to implement a stack and code queues and deques. There will also be a demonstration on how to realize a hash table in Python. Following this you will learn how to use tree/graph data structures including binary trees, heaps and priority queues in Python. You will program priority queues and red-black trees in Python with examples. Finally, you will be shown how to apply different algorithms such as Graph traversal, Shortest Path, Minimum Spanning Tree, Maximum Flow tree, and DAG topological sorting.

Python :: Data Structure and Algorithms (Data scientist)
Python :: Data Structure and Algorithms (Data scientist)
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