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[Live Webinar] COVID-19 R Dashboard in Production

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Reshama S.
[Live Webinar] COVID-19 R Dashboard in Production



## Here is the link to join the webinar:

## Time
9am PT / 12pm ET / 7pm EAT / 9:30pm IST

## Talk Level

## Pre-reqs
Some background in Rstats is helpful.

## Prep Work

## Event
This talk focuses on a holistic approach for deploying data science projects into production (e.g., CI/CD) with the use of open-source and free tools such as R, bash, Docker, Github Actions, etc. During this talk, we will review the general architect of a Covid19 cases tracker that automatically gets updated daily (see:

## Speaker
Rami Krispin is a data science manager who mainly focuses on time series analysis and forecasting applications. He is the author of "Hands-On Time Series Analysis with R", and several R packages, including the TSstudio package for time series analysis and forecasting applications. Since the beginning of the covid19 outbreak, he is contributing to COVID19 open-source projects, creating several packages (such as coronavirus, covid19italy, covid19sf, etc.) and building automated dashboards for tracking the outbreak.

COVID-19 safety measures
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