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This group is intended for anyone interested in Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, leveraging the Microsoft AI and it's building blocks.

All skill levels are welcome, whether you are an experienced Data Scientist or you are taking your first steps in the world of AI.

dataMinds.ai is a part of dataMinds.be, the Belgian Microsoft Data Platform User Group.

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Azure SQL DB Improvements


Full details at : http://dataminds.be/events/azure-sql-database-improvements Azure SQL DB Improvements : When Microsoft Azure SQL Database was introduced, it had only a small subset of the features available in the SQL Server database engine. With the introduction of version V12 a few years ago, Azure SQL Database is now an enterprise-class platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering. Of course, Microsoft continued to add new features and functionalities into Azure SQL Database. Join this dataMinds evening session to learn more about some cool new features that are available now in Azure SQL Database, like Hyperscale vCore Model Elastic Database Jobs Backup Retention Periods Geo-replication & Failover Groups Virtual Network service endpoints TDE with Bring Your Own Key Data Discovery and Classification SQL Vulnerability Assessment Automatic Tuning Intelligent Insights Managed Instance Data Migration Service … Oh man… as you can see, a lot of topics to explain in 2 hours ?? but we can discuss which topics you would like to hear more in detail. And no worries, we provide food & drinks! Important: Prior knowledge on Azure SQL Database is encouraged, as we'll go beyond the basics. Pieter Vanhove Pieter Vanhove is a Senior Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft, and has been working with SQL Server since 2000. Performance tuning, SQL audits, training are part of the job. Pieter has also a profound knowledge in implementing high availability and disaster recovery solutions and loves the new Azure stuff. Together with dataMinds in Belgium, he helps organizing dataMinds Connect and is also a regular speaker at Belgian and international events. Agenda: 18:00 Welcome + Food & Drinks 18:30 Session Start 20:30 Session Ends + Networking 21:00 Event Ends

Data Science in Production


Full details at : http://dataminds.be/events/data-science-in-production Build, Train and Operationalize your Machine Learning models using Azure Databricks and Azure ML Services. Last session this duo presented for us, they focused on preparing data and building a machine learning model in Azure Databricks. In this session they would like to take it a step further. How can you effectively do model management and versioning? How can you deploy this model to production without being a system engineer? How do you monitor and manage our deployed model without being a DevOps engineer? Come to this session and find out! The Speakers : Nathan Bijnens Cloud Solution Architect, Advanced Analytics + AI, Microsoft, driving high priority customer initiatives, leveraging Microsoft AI on Azure to solve the biggest and most complex data and IoT challenges. Wesley Backelant works at Microsoft as a Cloud Solution Architect Data & AI at Microsoft. He is passionate about all things data, big or small. Agenda: 18:00 Welcome + Food & Drinks 18:30 Session Start 20:30 Session Ends + Networking 21:00 Event Ends

Event-Driven ETL

Ordina Belgium

Full details at : http://dataminds.be/events/event-driven-etl Event Driven ETL : So you've been doing your datawarehousing in its traditional sense. You have your ETL set up to start after business hours, load all the new and updated data to have your datawarehouse ready and up-to-date for your business users when they start work the next day. Now, you're asked to take things to the next level, they want to track data changes when they occur during the day so the DWH is always reporting on the latest data. Event-driven ETL to the rescue, as any type of event in the source system will need to trigger only that specific subsection of your ETL so it doesn't try to load your entire DWH every time one source changes. In this session we'll explore the possibilities to set up a metadata-based solution to start specific subsegments of your ETL for any source system event and guide you through how a possible framework would be set up to facilitate this. The Speaker : Jan Van humbeek is a Senior Microsoft BI consultant and Competence Center Lead working for Ordina Belgium. Over the years, he’s gathered a lot experience with all the core BI components the SQL Server stack has to offer. Currently he holds most SQL Server MCSA & MCSE certifications and also renews his MCSE Data Management and Analytics yearly. He is always eager to continue learning and to share his knowledge and experiences. His main focus is lifting data to higher quality standards and improving on the implemented BI processes. Aside from his technical interest & skills, he also has a deep fondness for Data Vault and Anchor Modeling architectures. Agenda: 18:00 Welcome + Food & Drinks 18:30 Session Start 20:30 Session Ends + Networking 21:00 Event Ends

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