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Data Science Cornwall is about machine learning, data mining, and artificial intelligence using open source tools.

Our community is a diverse friendly place to share ideas, be inspired by each other, show what we're working on, support each other in our learning and building solutions.

We cover a broad range of topics - from algorithms to visualisation, from managing big data to the ethics of automation. Our sessions include talks, hands-on tutorials and fun hackathons.

Our focus will remain the community, open source, encouraging diversity and newcomers, and our sessions will always try to be beginner friendly.

Our events are always written up at https://datasciencecornwall.blogspot.com

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Practical Steps for Building Intelligent Systems

AIR - Academy of Innovation & Research

The last few years have seen an explosion of machine learning and AI tools, many of them free and open source. But merely having access to these tools isn't enough to design, build and test effective intelligent systems. We need to start with a focus on the business problem we want to solve, and an understanding of the data we'll be working with. And we need a structured process for designing, building, testing and developing our intelligent system. A haphazard approach, or simply using a selected tool or method, risks failure to develop an effective intelligent system, or one that doesn't perform as well as it could. --- We're lucky to have Aleksandra Osipova, a data scientist at Headforwards, to lead this session. She will: * introduce practical steps for building an intelligent system from scratch, * explain a structured method to develop an intelligence sysrem, and show how it can guide how we organise our team and organisation's resources, * also provide an overview of statistical and machine learning techniques that enable an intelligent system to recognise complex patterns in data, * explain how to measure and understand the accuracy and performance limitations of your intelligent system. Aleksandra has an MSc in Complex System Modelling from Kings College London, where she worked on computational neuroscience. --- We'll also have a short flash talk by Wo King, CEO of Hi9, who is working on creating a South West Internet of Things network called SWIN. "Backed by some of the biggest organisations in the South West it could be a game changer in the creation of valuable data that can be used to create a circular economy and a multiplier of business opportunities for the South West's developer community and sectors from Agritech, Marine and Mining to Exeter and Plymouth Universities." --- The session starts at 7.00pm but you can arrive from 6.30pm. You won't need a laptop for this session. Visitor parking outside the AIR building is free from 5pm onwards.

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Hands-On Introduction to PyTorch

AIR - Academy of Innovation & Research

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