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What we’re about

Hello, this is a unique meetup group for both singles & couples to date in a group setting & or foster friendships to build meaningful connections.

Because this meetup is centered around making in person connections (dating, companionship, & or friendship), events will be broad, with a focus on allowing opportunities for networking, being social, strengthening current relationships & or meeting new friends to develop new relationships!

The important thing is, in this odd world, is we make friends, & be there for each other.

[Organizer Info: First a bit about me. I am Paul. I live in Delco. I am a successful business-owner. I have my own house. I have two cats. I have a daughter in her 20s. I am widowed since 2008.
Attributes: Funny. Giving. Intelligent. Thought-provoking. Creative. Passionate. Positive. Romantic. Sincere. Caring. Conversationalist. Listener. Culture-lover. Flexible. Learner. Optimist, Forward-thinker, Fun-loving, Humorous.
Interests: Music of all kinds. Sports. Museums. Hiking. Day trips. Exploring. Beach. Technology. Movies.]