What we're about

Hello, This is a unique meetup group for single people.

Because this is a social theme (dating, companionship, friendship), topics will be broad, but a focus on who we are, what our goals are, how we’re getting by, and relationship topics that will be fun but also thought provoking. Sign up for events called Group Events. Men and women both.

Goal is to have great group conversation. Perhaps bring wine, drink, or just a beverage, and hang out, get to know each other, and talk about anything, and I may include member spotlights. Maybe we’ll talk about bad dates. Maybe we’ll do role-playing. Maybe we’ll talk about how to balance positive and negative attributes. Yes, we all have flaws, right?. Whatever it is, we’ll also be social.

The important thing is, in this odd world, is we make friends, And be there for each other.

First a bit about me. I am Paul. I live in Delco. I am a successful business-owner. I have my own house. I have two cats. I have a daughter in her 20s. I am widowed since 2008.

Attributes: Funny. Giving. Intelligent. Thought-provoking. Creative. Passionate. Positive. Romantic. Sincere. Caring. Conversationalist. Listener. Culture-lover. Flexible. Learner. Optimist, Forward-thinker, Fun-loving, Humorous.

Interests: Music of all kinds. Sports. Museums. Hiking. Day trips. Exploring. Beach. Technology. Movies.

Here’s some Zoom info:
A note on Zoom.

If you're not familiar with Zoom. Here's a video and a PDF on how to participate.

YouTube video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_8vQDfSzdY#:~:text=if%20you%20do%20have%20the,click%20join%20with%20computer%20audio. )

PDF Guide (https://www.goucher.edu/learn/graduate-programs/distance-learning-resources/documents/student_documents/HowtoParticipateInAZoomMeeting.p (https://www.goucher.edu/learn/graduate-programs/distance-learning-resources/documents/student_documents/HowtoParticipateInAZoomMeeting.pdf)

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Boo! Scary Halloween Date Night on Zoom!

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Hello! Who would have thought I'd be planning a 2nd annual Halloween Party. Yes October 30! Agenda: Scary date stories. Scary things about relationships. Scary polls. Scary things about life! Scary/funny topics! And we're all together! Think of dressing up! Wig? Goofy makeup? Funny hat? Scare us! On Zoom. Hope to see you there. Paul

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Group Date Night-In Person! Miller's Willow Grove

Miller's Ale House

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