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8:30am start time, Half Marathon Caesar Creek Hike - Moderately Brisk

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Jim H.
8:30am start time, Half Marathon Caesar Creek Hike - Moderately Brisk


Start time: 8:30am. As a courtesy to the other hikers, please arrive 5-10 minutes early so we can begin hiking at the scheduled time. Thank you.

3.0-3.5 MPH, moderately brisk pace. Caesar Creek Perimeter Trail +. We will start at the Visitor Center, then hike the Perimeter Trail in a clockwise direction (so we hike the hills first). We should end up hiking around 13.1-13.5 miles, which includes either the Gorge Trail or portions of the red/blue/green trails, taking us to more views of the lake. Or, if the group desires, we may optionally do both, for 14.5 miles.

The pace should be approximately 3.0-3.4 MPH (18-20 min/mile). This is not a slow pace. If the pace is too fast for you, please be prepared to hike on your own back to your car.

Please note that some GPS units in cars will not route you properly to the start of the hike. Instead, in the Meetup app for the hike, tap the Google icon and follow the routing.

This is a difficult hike due to the terrain - full of roots, rocks, and little tree stumps - all perfect for tripping on. It is also absolutely incredible due to the beautiful lake, rope bridge, rock face, and the quaint pioneer village we traverse though and the super cool people who participate in this hike.

Please bring an adequate amount of water and/or electrolytes based on temperature as well as a snack. We'll stop briefly 6 miles from the start and at Pioneer Village to eat and hydrate. We will meet at the Caesar Creek beautiful Visitor Center where they have clean rest rooms. If you have any questions please feel free to message me through meet up or text me at 937 287 7434. Happy Hiking! Jim

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