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Let's Trek Nicaragua's Volcanoes (Columbus Day Weekend)

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NOTE: Please confirm (that means buy your flight) by August 25, 2011. I plan on finalizing the logistics immediately after that date.

This trip is short, sweet but steaming hot! It's a 6-day trip to Nicaragua where we do volcano trekking from October 6-11. If you're not familiar with Nicaragua, it has been deemed as "the country of lakes and volcanoes" for a good reason. Mainly, we'll be visiting the town of Leon and Granada where we base ourselves to do hikes up a number of different volcanoes in the area. There are many volcanoes to choose from but some of the ones I'm considering include the highest one, San Cristobal, El Hoyo and Momotombo. Both are active volcanoes.

The itinerary looks like this (it may change still)
Oct 6: Arrive in Managua; take 1.5 hour bus to Leon; walk around Leon; prep for treks.
Oct 7: Hike Volcan Momotombo (6 miles strenuous hike)
Oct 8-9: Overnight hike of El Hoyo (12 miles) with a 25-40 lb. backpack; private bus to Granada in the evening or the next morning.

Oct 10: 1/2 day tour of Volcan Masaya; check out the town of Granada; do tour of the Islands or visit Lago de Apoyo.
Oct 11: Bus back to Managua in the morning; catch flight back home.

Flights: R/T ticket to Managua is about $430 and up r/t. ( is one of the best sites to check for flights. I already booked my flight using miles with Delta. Delta flights are a bit more expensive ($530 and up). There are still a few flights from BWI, DCA & IAD that get to MGA at noon (it looks like we meet in Atlanta where the connection is).

My flight itinerary with DELTA:

Thu 06 OCT Delta 15

Depart (IAD) 6:30 am
Arrive (ATL) 8:25 am

Delta 369

Depart (ATL) 10:05am

Arrive (MGA) 12:02 pm

Tue 11OCT Delta 370

Depart (MGA) 1:00pm
Arrive (ATL) 6:44pm

Delta 1752

Depart (ATL) 8:45pm

Arrive (IAD) 10:35pm

Accommodations: We'll be staying at hostels in Leon and Granada. The hostel stay per person would be around $15-20 at the most per night. Please note that hostels are basic accommodations and at times you share the room with other travelers (we can opt to have our own room depending on the group size); toilets are shared; usually there's a common living room, kitchen, laundry, storage/lockers and internet cafe.

Activities: It's recommended, for safety reasons, that we book day hikes of the volanoes with a local tour guide. There are a few non-profit agencies in Leon and Granada to choose from and generally the tours would cost $30-60 for the all day hikes (includes transport, food etc.). Granada also has tours for the islands and the Apoyo lake. We can discuss the activities further when a group is formed.

Hike Difficulty: Will it be your first time hiking up a volcano? Well, expect it to be a bit more strenuous than usual because of the ashy & rocky conditions, the sun's heat and the weight of the pack. Parts of the hike will be above treeline and can take hours.

NOTE: This is recommended for those who have recent hiking/backpacking experience. Please do your research on hiking volcanoes before signing up.

Transport: Buses from/to Managua ranges from a few cents to $2. The bus ride from Managua to Leon is about 1.5 hours. It's about 1 hour ride from Granada to Managua. There may be a shuttle available directly from Leon to Granada as an option rather than going via 2 buses.

Gear: It's hiking up the volcanoes so you'll need a good sturdy pair of hiking shoes, a day pack and trekking poles, if you have them. A sturdy 40-60 liter backpack/duffel bag to carry stuff around would help as well. More specific gear list will be emailed to attendees.

Questions? E-mail me! If you're interested, make sure to RSVP "yes" so you can receive updates. I may try to schedule a get together depending on how many are interested in doing this trip. Hope to have some of you join in the fun of hiking up the volcanoes!

Confirmed Attendees:

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