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DCGG Game Club --- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

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DCGG Game Club --- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney


Are you ready to put down that book and pick up that controller? When you think of “the Classics” does Mario or Shakespeare come to mind? Do you consider Moby Dick just one long water level? Then the DC Gaming Group Game Club is for you. If you know what a book club is, you know what this is. Each month we will select a game that matches our criteria, beat it, then come together to discuss our thoughts on the game. Level up your club!

How to Participate:

1. Get the Game
This month the Game Club will discuss Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney!!!!

2. Play at your own pace and join us in the discord for discussion and feels throughout the month.

3. Join us for the full discussion by RSVPing to this meetup and joining Discord ( Look for the #GameClub channel in discord.

4. Plan the next game!
Please complete this poll: ( The results of this poll will determine what our next game for DCGG Game Club will be! The organizers of the Club will be available on our Discord ( to answer questions!

About DC Gaming Group

Not yet a member of DCGG? We are a community of mature adults who foster discovery, diversity, and inclusion. Join us for the games, and stick around for discussions, news, and our low-key hangouts! Currently, our community thrives on Discord, where members post and discuss various gaming topics, and will often get together to play video games throughout the week outside of our primary public events.
To learn more about our community and us, check out our website at
Disclaimer and Community Code of Conduct:
The DC Gaming Group’s mission is to create a safe and inclusive space for participants. To learn more about our code of conduct you can read more at We may record events for promotional material.

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