Canceled Meetup

2 Loops @ Meadowood


Hey All! Monday is looking like it will shape up...chilly but sunny. Anyone want to do two loops at Meadowood? One clockwise and one counter-clockwise? We will skip yardsale this ride, but anyone feeling ambitious can tackle it on a 3rd mini lap. :) This ride will slow paced because even though I am supposed to be training for races, I haven't been on my bike in awhile...If peeps want to go faster, we can split into two groups. Meadowood is a really fun trail. Even though it doesn't have log jumps, it has "woop-de-doos" and lots of loose rocks and roots. It's a beginner/intermediate trail. Let's meet in the Gunston Elementary School parking lot and start from there. Lastly, although the weather looks like good right now, if it pours suddenly and the trails get soaked, we'll cancel the ride. As a general rule, if Fountainhead is closed, I don't ride other trails as well. (Don't want to mess up all the hard work of the volunteer trail builders!!)

When you pull into the parking lot, look for a beat up Gold Maxima.