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New Orleans DEATH CAFE' -- and The Good Death & Dying League

New Orleans DEATH CAFE' - convivial discussions for everyone

"The taboo of death in our culture prevents people from facing the inevitable. Death Cafe' makes it OK to discuss fears and wishes. It is egalitarian, compassionate, and thoughtful." Eve E.
This meetup group is the first step in creating a "thick", convivial community where we take seriously our own responsibilities in the face of death -- and we find ways to encourage others to do the same, especially our own family members and friends.
"Let us get together and talk about how we can bring death and dying out of the shadows. There is so much we can do... from arranging death cafe's, setting up a natural burial sites, DIY funerals, organizing in advance all necessary personal records... If you have an inkling that death is more than just something that happens to you one day and wonder why no one talks about it, then come along. We are committed to discovering how death can better inform our lives so that we live and die with freedom, joy, peace, community and compassion." G. W.
Death Cafe's started in Switzerland and England over 10 years ago and are now held all over the world. See more details about this movement at deathcafe.com . Here is a list of recommendations from that site:

"At a Death Cafe people, often strangers, gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss death. Our objective is to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives. A Death Cafe is a group directed discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes. It is a discussion group rather than a grief support or counselling session. Our Death Cafes are always offered: - On a not for profit basis - In an accessible, respectful and confidential space - With no intention of leading people to any conclusion, product or course of action - Alongside refreshing drinks and nourishing food – and cake! "

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