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September DCRUG: Redshift With Ruby to Process Large Datasets + Git Unleashed

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Our meetings are open to all experience levels, from total novices to expert Rubyists.

Current agenda:

• "Using Redshift With Ruby to Process Large Datasets" by Mike Subelsky

An in-the-trenches, close-up look at using Amazon's Redshift database to handle large data sets. You get the best of both worlds: a fast, massively-parallel NoSQL datastore with reasonable that can be queried using SQL queries sent via Ruby's pg gem. I'll show you how my company loads data into Redshift efficiently from S3 files, and how we fetch it back out, and I'll discuss the tradeoffs when using this technology.

• "Git Unleashed: Configuration, Techniques and Add-ons to take Git to the next level" by Chris Arcand

You’re quite comfortable with Git. You know all the major commands and perhaps even use itprofessionally every day. Now take the next step to becoming a rockstar of efficiency. A talk about enhancing yourGit workflow by bypassing some of its verbose syntax and customizing it to do more for you.

We now meet monthly at Logik's new headquaters, now located at 1400 I (Eye) Street NW, Suite 800 Washington, DC 20005. The closest Metro stop is McPherson Square. If you're downstairs and need someone to let you into the building or the elevator, please give me a call at 202-374-7303 or tweet me at @naffis.

We always need presenters, so if you have a topic or project on which you'd like to do a 30-minute presentation on anything Ruby-related, Rails-related or possibly of interest to Ruby developers, please contact our organizers and we'll schedule you to speak. If you have presented before, you are welcome to give a presentation on a new topic. This is a great chance for some of you guys and gals lingering in the back of the room to share some of the cool things you are working on. Don't be shy -- you're among fellow geeks. :)

As always, we'll have an ample supply of free pizza and soda for all attendees, so don't worry about eating dinner beforehand.

And we'll be heading to a nearby bar after the meeting, to unwind and socialize with fellow techies.