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Our meetings are open to all experience levels, from total novices to expert Rubyists.

Leveling up through Code Reviews - Elisheba Anderson

A new way to learn about code, and level up your skills. We all have heard from others on how to progress our skills. In this talk, I wanted to present another way to get from a Junior or Mid-level Developer to a Senior. Also, share some ways a Senior can learn as well.

Elisheba Wiggins is a Software Engineer working on the modernization of the US Immigration System with Geocent. When she's not working on that, she's working on side projects aimed at comedy, real estate or any fun thing the desires. Bottom line, this girl loves to program and learn more about technology. Also, she's an avid Washingtonian doing and eating everything that the city has the offer.

Dependency Injection - Chris Hoffman

Globals are bad. We all know this. They provide easy access to additional capabilities (HTTP requests, SQL calls, etc.), but they make your code harder to reason about. If at any point, a method could use a global to do anything, you can't know how it can fail. And you can't test code if you don't know how it can fail. But how do we write code if we refuse, sensibly, to use globals? Dependency Injection!

We'll talk the basics of Dependency Injection, how to start using it in your apps, and the limits of DI in DI-hostile frameworks like Rails.

Chris Hoffman is a Senior Developer on the Developer Empowerment team at Optoro. He builds tools and systems that help engineers develop, test, build, and deliver code to production, then understand its behavior once it’s there.

We now meet at Optoro's Metro Center location at 1001 G St NW, 12th floor

Please note our Code of Conduct: https://github.com/joshsz/organization_documents/blob/master/dcrug/CodeOfConduct.md

We always need presenters, so if you have a topic or project on which you'd like to do a 30-minute presentation on anything Ruby-related, Rails-related or possibly of interest to Ruby developers, please contact our organizers [masked] and we'll schedule you to speak. If you have presented before, you are welcome to give a presentation on a new topic. This is a great chance for some of you guys and gals lingering in the back of the room to share some of the cool things you are working on. Don't be shy -- you're among fellow geeks. :)

As always, we'll have an ample supply of free pizza and soda for all attendees, so don't worry about eating dinner beforehand.

And we'll be heading to a nearby bar after the meeting, to unwind and socialize with fellow techies.