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Ride of the Patriots/Rolling Thunder 2013

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Would like to get a good size "pod" of scooters riding this year on the Memorial Day weekend.

The first part is the Ride of the Patriots -- from Fairfax to the Pentagon. This is VERY well organized and a nice ride: A little way in on US50, then I-66 to Arlington and into the Pentagon parking lot. You can leave after that part of the ride.

The second part is Rolling Thunder and it involves a bit of a wait (errr - a few hours) in the Pentagon parking lot and then a ride across the Memorial Bridge, down Constitution, and back on Independence. This isn't as well organized and you have to do a little work to keep a group together leaving the parking area.

This is a Harley-heavy event, but I can tell you from my own experience that the crowds love to see the scooters. And you also find some Harley riders who are more into riding than they are into Harleys.

Other things to consider:

CCs: Folks have done this with 50cc scooters. This is a parade, and even the I-66 stretches are doable.

Attire: Nobody is going to be the fashion police, but I personally don't like riding with people who wear shorts and flip-flops/running shoes. I would recommend sturdy leather, over-the-ankle shoes, full length trousers (although convertible trousers/shorts might be good for the time waiting), and if possible, long-sleeve shirt or mesh jacket.

Meetup: The IHOP in Fairfax works great. You should arrive early if you want to eat first. Better times will be posted as we get closer to the event. If you plan on using a car or truck to get you or a passenger to the event, I would recommend NOT leaving it in the IHOP parking lot for the day. That's just plain rude. There is a small strip center across the street, and there is a Home Depot several blocks away.

Event Prep: It can be hot. Or rainy. Or nice. No way to tell. A packable folding chair or stool is a good idea for the Pentagon parking lot -- if you plan on Rolling Thunder. Also water in a cooler and snacks. And a poncho.

More to follow...