Blockchain Gaming: Play Pogs with Qwoyn

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It's time once again for the monthly Blockchain Gaming Meetup, a series of events hosted by, the first website dedicated to blockchain-based video games. Massive attention (and money) is being poured into this sub-industry following the popular success of CryptoKitties, and we're going to cover every blockchain game one by one and livestream it to our YouTube channel for educational purposes.

Qwoyn is a blockchain exploration company specializing in smart contract deployments on private and public blockchains using networks such as EOS, ETC and ETH. They are now focusing on blockchain gaming by utilizing real life collectible game pieces and smart contracts written on the Ethereum Classic. They've already been experimenting with ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

Their most notable achievement so far involves Pogs, a game based upon collectible milk cap-like pieces. Some of the 90's kids will know what we're talking about. This time around, ownership of the pieces--now called DappCapps--will be registered to the blockchain, making them less practical to steal and replaceable if lost. And fork resistant, too (Ethereum Classic joke)

We're excited to announce that Daniel Pittman, the founder of Qwoyn himself, is flying in from Oregon to present. He's bringing with him some FREE DAPPCAPPS for every Meetup attendee, so be sure not to miss out! He'll also teach us all how to play, which we will over Bitcoin beers. :D