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Just throwing this out as a message board for Meetup ideas- dining out, shopping, movies, the beach, clubbing, happy hours, whatever. It's cool how we have one of the most active groups out there comment wise. Very democratic.

I'll be taking on a larger role with NAAAP, the largest Asian professionals group in the US and I have new commitments with our Philadelphia Vietnamese group. It's a lot of work but there is even more potential with a bigger network. Whatever events you all have I can cross post on NAAAP or on my Asian page for a larger turnout. If you want to keep it smaller and more intimate, we can leave it on this page only. All up to y'all.

So go ahead and post ideas for events you may have. We can gauge peoples' interest and talk about good venues, dates, carpools, etc. Excited to see what you all have in mind :-)

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