6th DDD Barcelona Meetup

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*** Special thanks to Everis Living Lab ***
Everis Living Lab is hosting the 6th DDD Barcelona Meetup. We are so pleased for their offering, help and kindness.
This time we will take full advantage of the fantastic facilities they have available. Especially a well suited venue ideal to model business processes with Event Storming in a workshop format.

*** Day and time ***
Wednesday 27th of March from 19:00 to 21:15

*** Place ***
Everis Living Lab
Carrer de Pedro i Pons, 6, 08034 Barcelona

*** Attendance ***
The attendace follows the Meetup RSVP standard process and it is limited to 36 attendees. In addition, we strongly encourage and recommend to those 36 attendees to fill out the following form (it is not compulsory to do so in advance in order to attend however it will speed up your access to the Everis Living Lab facilities and will avoid bottlenecks at the entrance. If you don't fill it out you will be asked to provide the same information when accessing the facilities of Everis Living Lab. In both cases you may be required to make a signature before accessing Everis Living Lab. Also bring your documentation just in case.)

*** Live coding (closed on 13/03/2019) ***

*** Workshop (practical/hands-on) (closed on 13/03/2019) ***
Title: Modelling business processes with Event Storming
Language: English
Published date: 13/03/2019
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes
Description/What we will do?:
- In 5 teams of 7 DDDers we will model different business processes with Event Storming.
- We will follow the different phases within each format (Big Picture + Design Level) laid down on the "Introducing EventStorming" book. Also putting into practice the discovery of Bounded Contexts and looking at the heuristics based on the "Discovering Bounded Contexts with EventStorming" chapter of the recent released "Domain Driven Design. The First 15 Years" book.
- Do I have to bring some material?
No, the organization will bring all the necessary materials to run the workshop smoothly.
- Do I need to have some previous knowledge of Event Storming?
No, the workshop will be guided through its different phases within each Event Storming format. However it would be very helpful to know the basics beforehand.

*** Panel/Open discussion, questions & answers (Q&A) (closed on 13/03/2019) ***

*** Talk (closed on 13/03/2019) ***

*** Schedule (announced on 13/03/2019) ***
19:00 - 19:10 Welcome to the 6th DDD Barcelona Meetup
19:10 - 19:15 Introduction to the Event Storming Workshop
19:15 - 20:30 Event Storming Workshop
20:30 - 20:45 Questions and Insights
20:45 - 21:15 Networking

*** Content available after the Meetup? ***
Since this Meetup follows a workshop format:
- Slides: Yes. The slides used to provide guidance during the different phases of the workshop.
- Photos: It depends. We encourage attendees to make photos about their Event Storming models during the different phases and share it on Twitter. Also you might want to send them to the organizer who will take care of the outcomes of the different teams and will elaborate and publish a side by side comparision of the different models carried out.
- Recording: No. There will be no recording.

*** Price ***

*** Sponsors (https://www.meetup.com/dddbcn/sponsors/) ***
- Domain-Driven Design Europe: swag and 100€ discount* to attend the next workshops. Have a look at https://ti.to/dddbv/dddeutrnl19/

- CodelyTV: 2 monthly free subscriptions to CodelyTV Pro. Have a look at https://codely.tv/pro/ddd-barcelona
It's noticeable that they have recently launched a DDD course:

- Build Stuff Spain (Málaga) 2019: a 20% discount* on any type of tickets using a promotional code.

* Discount codes will be announced during the Meetup.