Animation DSL with Effect Handlers, with Ruben Pieters

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Doorniksestraat 63 · Kortrijk

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It's a 2 min walk from the train station, or you can park beneath the Schouwburgplein.

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In cooperation with Functional Kortrijk.

Animation DSL with Effect Handlers

Effect Handlers are of growing interest in functional programming research. They are able to abstract over various control flow constructs, such as try/catch, async/await and coroutines. Moreover, they are also useful for structuring application design, which will be explored in this talk.

We will develop a domain-specific language (DSL) for animations in a bottom-up approach. First, we take a look at the basic concepts of effect handlers and how it can form the basis for a DSL. Then, we add various extensions to our DSL to increase its expressiveness. This talk is suited for both newcomers to functional programming and more experienced fp-ers who are interested in applications of effect handlers.

About Ruben Pieters

Ruben Pieters is a PhD student in programming languages at KU Leuven. On the side he does occasional freelance work and tinkers on his hobby gamedev project.

In general, he is interested in applying mathematical concepts to improve software development. He has been interested in effect handlers ever since he got started with functional programming. Applying effect handlers to real-world topics is the core topic of his PhD work.


This talk is given on the occasion of promoting a functional programming & domain specific languages course organized by the KUL languages group. Check out for more information.


18:00 Doors, food and drinks
19:00 Session
21:00 Networking