Tryout: Playing with projections


On Explore DDD Thomas Coopman and Michel Grootjans will give a new version of their workshop Playing with Projections.

In this session, you will be working for an online Quiz Platform. Based on the full event history of the past years, you will have to answer to business questions, like: did our last ad campaign have any real impact, are we targeted by bots,...? To solve these problems, you will need to transform the event stream to a structure, a projection, that can answer these questions. (full description can be found here:

For the tryout, we ask you to:
- bring your laptop, but be prepared to pair,
- pick one of the supported technologies: C#, Java and Javascript

- 18:30: food, drinks and networking
- 19:15: start tryout
- 21:15: feedback round
- 21:30: end

We thank To The Point for sponsoring the food and location!