• Limited Try out for Exploring Domain Laws


    We'll do a very limited try out of the workshop Exploring Domain Laws. It's a try out so be prepared to give feedback :-) Session: In this session we'll be modeling a domain with event storming and try to discover laws of your model and of the domain. We'll look into the different kind of laws we can discover and try to categorize them. Can we find laws of the domain and do they differ from laws of the solution you modeled? Once we've discovered, categorized and discussed some laws we'll try to find out if it is actually feasible to use these laws with property based testing. This will be demo based where I show some code examples of property based testing in an event sourced application. No laptop needed (https://dddeurope.com/2019/schedule/#/[masked]/j5g95bdm9lbm-room-5/lq68mdpr8aj5-exploring-domain-laws/) Food will be sponsored!

  • Collaborative Modeling in Practice by Marijn Huizendveld

    This evening we welcome Marijn Huizendveld for a try-out of his DDD EU hands-on : "Collaborative Modeling in Practice". Collaborative Modeling in Practice by Marijn Huizendveld -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The basic premise of DDD is that the software we develop has to be based on a conceptual model that we shape together with domain experts. In short: the way experts reason about the problem is how we do it in code too. But how do you achieve that? In this hands-on session you will learn how to visualize the model of existing software. Then we will introduce several changes step by step to refine the model to be more suitable for the problems we want to solve. During these exercises, you will get familiar with methods to look at problems from different angles. Through various tips, you will find ways to facilitate the process of 'Collaborative Modeling'. While doing this we will apply a number of tactical DDD patterns and experience the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. Bio ----- Marijn teaches people of different backgrounds the skill of doing the things that matter in environments that are critical to performance. Often his work involves organizations, software and customers. He brings these worlds together while teaching you and your colleagues how to do so. Judge him on added value, it's the only metric that matters. You may call him a consultant, coach, trainer and entrepreneur, because that's what he is. Schedule ------------ 18:30 Drinks and Food (provided by Cegeka) 19:00 Introductions / Welcome 19:10 Start Handson 22:00 End Venue/Sponsor -------------------- Drinks, food* and location is sponsored by Cegeka. Thank you! * vegetarian options provided, let us know if you have other dietary requirements

  • DDD for everyone: A talk by Guido Dechamps

    Cegeka Ghent

    This evening we welcome you for a talk by Guido Dechamps: "DDD for everyone" and after that we'll still have some time for a small open space. DDD for everyone ----------------------- Over the years, Domain Driven Design has come and gone into fashion. With people holding different views to its merit. Some people think of DDD as being too academic, too difficult or non-practical. Others find it useful only at large projects, for complex software. In this talk, I would like to argue that DDD is not for a niche, chosen few. That DDD is practical. That there is value to be found in DDD for everyone. Because almost all software can benefit from a bit more domain driven DESIGN. Bio ----- Guido Dechamps has been a professional software engineer for almost two decades. He has mainly java ecosystem projects under his belt, although in ages long past he has helped to build the occasional .Net application. Since the blue book he dived head first into DDD because he loves building solutions that fit the problems they were aimed to solve. Likes: Well designed solutions, collaboration, chess, whiskey, long nightly discussions in dark pubs. Dislikes: Titles, dishonesty, cooked chicory Schedule ------------ 18:00 - Doors open, networking, chatting, drinks and food sponsored by Cegeka 19:00 - DDD for everyone 20:00 - Break and questions 20:30 - DDD open space 22:00 - Foreseen end Venue/Sponsor -------------------- Drinks, food and location is sponsored by Cegeka. Thank you!

  • DDD Open space

    ACA IT Gent

    We'll try something new this time. A Domain Driven Design Open Space. Some of you probably know what an open space is, but for those of you who don't, here is a short introduction: An open space is a way to facilitate collaboration between individuals around a central theme through self-organization, in a way that maximizes each individual's learning. Everyone is encouraged to write down, on a post-it, whatever topics he is interested, curious or passionate about. After a few minutes, everyone queues up and gets a chance to present one of their topics, place it on an empty time slot on the market place, and re-queue if they have more topics. After the topics are scheduled you are free to attend any topic that you find interesting. (adapted from http://www.koenmetsu.com/blog/open-space/) For this open space, we'll add one constraint, the topics should be DDD related. Some example topics could be: - I've tried to do an event storming session at my company, but it failed completely, what can I try next time? - I have a problem with a domain problem, can someone help me with it? - We have a bad legacy application, should I abandon the idea of applying DDD to improve it? Schedule 18:00 - Doors open, networking, chatting, drinks and food sponsored by ACA IT 19:30 - Opening of the marketplace 20:00 - Start of the openspace 22:00 - End Kindly hosted by ACA IT (http://www.aca-it.be/).

  • (Di|Con)vergent Mob Refactoring by Pim Elshoff & Joop Lammerts

    Programmers come in all kinds and sizes. But we’ve found that there is one major distinction that keeps us from working together. Optimistic programmers tend to come up with solutions quickly, while not always respecting the problem. Pessimistic programmers tend to come up with questions quickly, while not always respecting simpler solutions. Working together can be difficult. Through experience Joop and Pim have developed The Attitude Model. Since we started working this way, team happiness has been up, frustration has been down and every single member gets their chance to shine. Are you tired of slugging through? Then come join us and learn about diverging and converging, *the* solution to working together in beautiful harmony. The workshop code is available on GitHub at https://github.com/procurios/diconvergent Schedule: 18:30 - Drinks and food* 19:30 - Workshop 22:30 - Lessons learned Kindly hosted by Kunlabora (https://www.kunlabora.be/) * vegetarian options provided, let us know if you have other dietary requirements

  • Modellathon


    Iterating over models, experimenting with visualizations, and growing a Ubiquitous Language, are core ideas in Domain-Driven Design. Let's practice! This time we will start from strategic goals and non-functional constraints! We'll split up in groups. A domain expert will talk about their business, and we'll apply Model Storming, Event Storming, drawing, UML, ERD, CRC, interpretative dance, and pretty much every technique under the sun to explore and understand the problems and the solutions. Facilitators will help you out, so no prior experience is necessary. Schedule: 18:30 - Drinks and food sponsored by Cegeka 19:30 - Modellathon 22:30 - Lessons learned

  • DDD eXchange tryout: Design Heuristics - Mathias Verraes

    Parkoffice Kortijk

    Join us in Kortrijk for a tryout of Mathias Verraes' keynote for the upcoming "DDD eXchange London" conference. If you'd like to do a presentation or a lightning talk, ping us via Twitter @dddbe. • 18:30 Food & drinks • 19:00 Mathias Verraes • 20:00 You? • ... Group discussion • It ends when it ends. There are limited seats, so please don't sign up if you aren't sure if you'll attend. Hosted by Domain-Driven Design Europe.

  • Global Day of #CQRSBeers - Ghent

    Dulle Griet

    #CQRSBeers is a night among geeks, with some drinks and some food, to talk about CQRS, DDD, software, modelling, and life in general. If it sounds like an excuse to get some drinks and some food, that's because it is :-) Locations: • Dulle Griet, Vrijdagsmarkt, Gent • Your city? Ping us if you want to set it up!

  • Events, Flows and Long Running Services


    In this talk we demonstrate the idea of Sagas and process managers to control a flow of domain events across transactional aggregate and context boundaries. We will not just use slides but explore runnable code available on GitHub. We will use lightweight open source frameworks like Spring, Apache Kafka and Camunda. We will tackle many questions: How can a process manager be implemented without reinventing the wheel? How does it support complex flow logic requiring timeouts, proper reactions on errors and compensating actions? How does understanding long running services contribute to better service APIs? How can we anchor the flow logic in the ubiquitous language? How can we make it transparent to domain experts and maintainable for developers? And how can whole end-to-end business processes be modeled in harmony with DDD principles including the bounded context? See also http://flowing.io (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=XDBVhMjaEfEa5FrPRqGXAgVrZ85QTSzm-2FCINlaWMbGg-3D_PbcyGUPGr7r6vpKs8pDP0BDomt-2Fhnwv8Yg47qrl1XaQc7cEUAT-2BzOk5ZJD-2BEe0xkUnBINX63b4AI-2FPxPzPoXnrryBr7BxmHK-2F5jdnuV42kNOSVux2C4qm3IWFDQLaH2e99b9nEF0LmQCqPZG3u0uHWT5jkWBM23CRrPbkEcdn8XWpcWV8oIL2KByhIwMRP2sYd2M26XBwe2JWY3n1SuO3PaX7WftzUSePuYH-2F9ff8VE-3D)­ By Martin Schimak (http://plexiti.com (http://meet.meetup.com/wf/click?upn=l-2FmQxaNVahlcgIEBhFi3Tkatm1QJoR3DWwUB7Af9crs-3D_PbcyGUPGr7r6vpKs8pDP0BDomt-2Fhnwv8Yg47qrl1XaQc7cEUAT-2BzOk5ZJD-2BEe0xkUnBINX63b4AI-2FPxPzPoXnoRbaAWVOeWxXACTrjzoi1LOsPA6rg-2FfTrFF1j4OIn7YVP0Nk5b-2FbuwK5F03ydoPQWuV1mukz9g5ixhmhO6s9zqUwwKkfajKuXasjM9W2OWgjuqZb67cjor51cbNQkqZLEr3oGS2TOYyCffCg2YzEn0-3D)­) & Bernd Ruecker ( http://bernd-ruecker.com ) Schedule: 19:00 Welcome drinks & food 20:00 Talks

  • An AMA evening with Alberto Brandolini & Diversity in government HR

    Alberto Brandolini (aka ziobrando (https://twitter.com/ziobrando)) will be in Belgium to teach his EventStorming Master class We will host the "Everything you wanted to know about EventStorming and never dare to ask" session So if you have questions, stories about EventStorming, DDD, BAP, Dungeon Masters, Drawing Skills get them ready: Alberto will answer them all. Bio: Alberto Brandolini can model every business domain, given enough space, a paper roll and an unlimited source of colored sticky notes (with a preference for orange ones). He calls this stuff EventStorming. His contributions to the community include EventStorming, Model Storming and, maybe more notably, the Bullshit Asymmetry Principle. Besides consulting and running Avanscoperta (http://www.avanscoperta.it/en/), he’s also a trainer for UK based company Skills Matters where he teaches Domain Driven Design Before that we'll have a small warm-up talk by Yves Lorphelin (ylorph (https://twitter.com/ylorph)) about : Diversity in government HR (Diversity in this context is about candidates with disabilities) were we'll explore this context & it's relation to the rest of the domain.