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What is 12min.me?

We are bringing the new and old economy together for an evening of insight exchange, networking and professional drinking. Speakers have 12 minutes to talk about their topic, followed by a 12-min Q&A and a 12-min break.

12min.me meetups are truly international, hosted in 29 locations in 6 different countries, including Germany, China, Hungary, Turkey and the USA.

It's one of the biggest business and tech meetups with more than 31 thousands members worldwide.

Join us on Facebook! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/355214598421217/?source_id=208644002632859)

Official website (http://www.12min.me)

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12MIN.ME - IgniteTalks & Networking #2

The Living Room Coworking

12 minutes and not a second longer! We transform your precious time into a great and inspiring experience. With personality and passion we regularly organize events on relevant and topical topics in your city. We create a platform to educate, develop new ideas and network in an uncomplicated way - and all this in 12 minutes me beat - the clock is merciless! Three speakers each have exactly 12 minutes to inspire you with their topic, to inspire you and to teach you their learning. Immediately afterwards, the audience has 12 minutes each to ask questions or to enter the discussion lively. And all in person, directly and at eye level! Join our facebook group for updates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/355214598421217/

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The Living Room Coworking

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