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Welcome @12min.ONLINE (hosted by Berlin), our evening of inspiration, exchange and networking across borders and industries.

"Beyond COVID19 - Making Choices About the New Normal"

Humanity is in the middle of an unprecedented crisis. While COVID-19 is the cause of deep struggle and suffering, the uniqueness of the situation also means this is an incredibly powerful chance for new things to emerge, and it will be up to us to leverage the potential for positive, long-term change.

crisis --> ancient greek "krisis" = decisive moment

We will have three speakers, each looking at a different topic in its relation to COVID19 and what we can create out of it:

DATA PRIVACY: Are democracies accepting deep cuts into personal privacy in the name of public health or the economy? If we do so, what are the consequences?

MINDFULNESS: Now that much of humanity is on something like a "forced retreat", will we deepen our sense of self and take that forward?

CLIMATE: Now that we realise how much change is actually possible in a short amount of time, what is needed for us to act decisively differently beyond COVID19 and in face of the climate crisis?

Everything runs at a 12min beat:

• 12minutes talk
• 12minutes Q&A
• 12minutes networking (yes, we'll make this work online ... stay tuned)

Their talks are designed to inspire, inform, motivate or make you reflect - always different, and always great fun. And what’s best: everything is for free.

Come along, get inspired, and enjoy the easiest networking in town!

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We will gradually reveal the speakers for this special event in May :)

Speaker 1 (Data Privacy): Felix Bauer

Aircloak is a company whose ultimate goal is to create value for society by enabling responsible use of personal data. Data collection about everything – and everyone – is ubiquitous in our world and human data grows ten times faster than traditional business data. As artificial intelligence and more and more automated technologies arise, privacy by design must be a leading principle for organisations worldwide.


Speaker 2 (Climate Crisis): Esther Rodriguez

Esther is Senior Sustainability Advisor at Vattenfall, specializing in the implementation of sustainability standards and human rights due diligence across Vattenfall’s supply chain. Esther is also involved in cross cutting issues at Vattenfall that include: sustainable digitalization, Ethics, Compliance and Integrity, sustainability communications matters and stakeholder engagement. Esther also sits at the Bettercoal Technical Advisory Committee and the Bettercoal Colombia Working Group.


Speaker 3 (Mindfulness): Christian Huder

Christian is Chief Marketing Officer of node.energy, a company that builds software to plan and operate decentral energy generation units. Before that he has helped numerous startups in the energy and cleantech sector to grow in various roles. He has been a founding member of the innogy innovation Hub in Berlin and initiated Startup Energy Transition Tech Festival together with the German Energy Agency, now the largest conference for startups and investors in energy.

Since many years he is a passionate Yoga and Meditation practitioner and since 2018 also a certified teacher. He is deeply convinced that more mindfulness is necessary to reconnect us to our nature in order to solve humanities climate change and nature destruction challenges.