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Hallo und willkommen bei 12min.me Hamburg. Wir organisieren europaweit kostenlose locker, entspannte Netzwerk- und Vortragsevents auf denen sich Leute aus unterschiedlichsten Branchen und Altersklassen miteinander vernetzen und jede Menge Spaß haben.

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12min.GAMES - SONDERFORMAT zur White Nights Conference

SAE Institute Hamburg

Moin ihr Rocker, wir haben uns mit der White Nights Conference St.Petersburg und SAE Institute Hamburg zusammen getan und bringen euch in einem zweitägigen streaming Event das geballte Know-How der Speaker auf die Leinwand. Wie von 12min.me gewohnt ist das Event kostenlos. Getränke und Snacks werden von der White Nights Conference für den Wissensgeballten Tag bereitgestellt. White Nights verlosen außerdem unter allen Event Teilnehmern Tickets für die nächste White Nights Conference iteration. Registriert euch für die Teilnahme unter folgendem Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfupKXKNjGwD8_eE2jkHSzWh-oZN9OHgR48laONU0YLBqk6Nw/viewform White Nights Conference The White Nights will gather over 1,800 game industry professionals from all over the globe on June 19-20 in St. Petersburg! Blizzard, Tencent, EA, Google, Rovio and many other companies will share their experience. Developer Exhibition, Deconstruction Workshop, three networking parties and more is waiting for you. Get your tickets now! Streaming Schedule https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1J0qtfmm0mjFdxbp9m0xV3ssdWE8Pgmeh6iKd0z60i8U/edit#gid=[masked]

12HRS.US - SOCIETY DISRUPTED - (Tickets ONLY at Eventbrite or www.12HRS.US)

HKIC Chamber of Commerce Innovation Campus

12HRS.US - #SOCIETYDISRUPTED: The 12MIN.ME #Conference Let’s talk about facts and what we plan at our 12HRS.US summer conference – SOCIETY DISRUPTED - in 12MIN.ME’s beautiful hometown Hamburg in Germany (in the very heart of the city) between June 19 and 21 – 2019. If you don’t have tickets yet we do invite you to use our promo code “ILOVE12MINME” to get a massive discount (but hurry up since it’s limited!): https://www.12hrs.us/tickets The conference will be completely in English. We plan do build 12HRS.US to one of the most important annual conferences, when it comes to doing, making, creating and changing things in favor of a fair and ethical Digital Transformation and better Education. Thus, we want enable everyone to participate – English is the first and easiest step to reach that goal. We have already a brilliant lineup of 45+ speakers today and way more to come! + a chosen set of the best 5 moderators you can imagine! Curious now? Check who we got for you here: https://www.12hrs.us/speakers It’s important for us to have the real makers and creators of the Digital Transformation on stage. No blah blah! They are going talk about in our proven 12 minutes talks + in moderated panel discussions about these (what a surprise) 12! topics – interplay or interrelation of Digitization and its impact on Society. To see all our 12 topics visit: https://www.12hrs.us/topics We will have at least 6 stages for you which will be continuously busy! Thus, you will have to pic who and what you want to listen to in advance. If you are a startup or you have a great idea or project you need an investor for, you are invited to or 2 pitch options. You can apply to pitch in front of a small delegation of our partners (like PwC, Beiersdorf, Haspa, Taylor Wessing, etc.) + VCs & Corporate Investors > we’d suggest you to apply for that if you are not at the very beginning of your startup anymore. Or you try to hit our Open Pitch Stage (spontaneously) in front of a bigger audience while you visit the conference but you don’t need to apply for that option. Just do it if you have the guts! For more details and how to apply check: https://www.12hrs.us/pitch With this mail we are also asking you to nominate a male or female founders’ personality which will be rewarded for their work and achievements. How to do that? Check: https://www.12hrs.us/awards Of course, there will be a lot content and input – that’s why we also plan to have good food, coffee and ice-cream as well as a lot of fun and entertainment to digest all the impulses and convert them into insights. Let us surprise you with artists and the best party you can imagine on Thursday night! (details will follow soon!) Again! Help us to grow 12HRS.US BIG and tell all your friends about us, share the event and come to Hamburg - it will be nice and warm + a lot of new faces, contracts and even friends. We all want to have a great time and the best conference experience. Use also our promo code to get your discounted tickets “ILOVE12MINME”. For the CXOs among you we will have a exclusive Roof Top Opening Party on the 19th in the evening only with the speakers, partners and you while having great a few drinks and the best view over the city, harbor and right next to the famous, impressive Elbphilharmonie opera house. Try the code “12HRSUS19” for the very limited amount of tickets. We hope to see you in June in Hamburg! More + tickets here: https://www.12hrs.us/ OR https://www.eventbrite.com/e/12hrsus-society-disrupted-the-12minme-conference-tickets-52492187546

24+ FREE Talks > faire DIGITALISIERUNG und zeitgemäße BILDUNG: 12min.DEMO #1

TBA // zentral in der Hamburger Innenstadt

*zieh gern was Rotes am (aber kein Muss) Allen sprechen über Digitalisierung, doch nur die Wenigstens wissen oder verstehen, was wirklich alles dahinter steckt. Man kann sich dem Thema aus verschiedenen Richtungen nähern, doch vor allem bringt die Digitale Transformation, trotz ihrer technischen DNA, gesellschaftliche Veränderungen mit sich, die nahezu jeden - ob im Job oder privat - betreffen, denn sie steht für eine exponenzielle Geschwindigkeit von bislang eher linearen Veränderungs- und Anpassungsprozessen. Viele fühlen sich hier nicht abgeholt und fürchten um Ihren Platz in der Gesellschaft oder gar Ihre Existenzgrundlage. Digitalisierung ist die Summe vieler Teile und vereint aus 12MIN.ME-Perspektive die Themen rund um: Ethik, Innovation, Technology, Unternehmertum, Gesellschaft, New Work, Medien, Bildung, Kreativität, Soziales, Daten(-sicherheit), Künstliche Intelligenz, Robotik, Mobilität, Virtuelle Welten, Gesundheit, etc. Wir wollen friedlich mit Dir und Euch für eine faire Digitalisierung und eine zeitgemäße Bildung demonstrieren! Hier unser Programm: XXXXXXXXXXXX Hauptbühne / Programm: DONNERSTAG Peter Jaeger (Serial Entrepreneur, Geek & former Microsoft GER board member): "Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society - Wake up Europe!" Isabelle Flueckiger (Managing Director @ Accenture - Financial Services Applied Intelligence Lead Austria, Switzerland & Germany): "What have Heavy Metal Bands to do with fake news?" Dr. Michael Müller-Wünsch (CIO @ OTTO) Nils Seebach (Serial Entrepreneur & Investor): "Political Responsibility of Entrepreneurs!" Prof. Dr. Henning Voepel (CEO @ Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI)): "How Artificial Intelligence will impact and change the Economy" Dr. Peter Bartels (Partner, Member of the Board @ PwC): "FUTURE.US - How companies succeed in disruptive times" Dr. Tatjana Xenia Puhan (Head Equity & Asset Allocation @ Swiss Life): "Technological disruption and innovation management in the asset management industry" Gunnar Froh (Serial Entrepreneur, CEO & Founder @ Wunder Mobility): "More knowledge, information and intelligence, but the problem remains…Traffic!" Johann Romefort (Managing Director at Techstars - BSH): "Man VS Machine: Are you still relevant?" Paul Jozefak (Serial Entrepreneur & former Corporate Innovator): "Innovation / Disruption: How Collections and Dept Service can be disrupted?" Heiko Hubertz (Serial Entrepreneur & CEO @ WHOW Games): "Founder, Investor, Exit" Holger Hohrein (COO @ Deposit Solutions) Dr. Joerg Bernardy (Author & Philosopher): "Anti-Romantic Approach and why Romanticism contains dangerous Fake News" Dr. Guenther Dobrauz Saldapenna (Investor & Member of @ PwC’s Global Legal Leadership Team): "Appetite for Disruption in the Exponential Technologies Age: The Dynamics of Innovation & Regulation." Dr. Henriette Neumeyer (Senior Clinical Consultant PHM @ Philips): "A walk in the park – how we shape future health experiences" Hauptbühne / Programm: FREITAG Prof. Dr. Frank Steinicke (Professor for Human-Computer Interaction @ University of Hamburg): "Artificial Intelligence and Reality - What's better: Natural, Artificial, Real or Virtual?" Miriam Kroeger (Managing Partner @ Next Logistics Accelerator) Dr. Sebastian Saxe (CDO @ Hamburg Port Authority): "Digital Twin-when visualisation technology meets Artificial Intelligence for a better port management" Dr. Dr. Alexander El Gammal (Senior Clinical Consultant @ Philips): "Digital Medicine 2030 – Implications of Current Trends for the Future of Medici ne." Dr. Uve Samuels (Managing Director @ SQUARE): "Dual Innovation" Manouchehr Shamsrizi (Author, Founder @ RetroBrain R&D) Marc Meier (CEO @ Fr. Meyer's Sohn​): "Digitization: Risks and Chances for “the Middleman" Dr. Alexander Ellert (Media Manager Germany @ Google): "Advertising in the Intelligent Era​" Rihards Gromuls (Co-Founder & Lead Designer at Riddle Digital): "What about the grey area? Data vs. Creativity"

12min.me - Ignite Talks Vol. #66

Absolute Software GmbH

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12min.MED - Life Science #13

Kasino - Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

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