12min.me - EXPAT Talks & Networking #6

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Welcome back to our SUMMER SESSION in English!

+++ THE LINE-UP +++

1. Max Bormann, keynote/professional speaker

2. Paul Knecht & Oliver Seidl, both CEOs & founders of storytile

3. Nico Gabriel, CEO DriveNow

144 seconds pitch startup slots

Max BormannThe power of trust

The winner of the speaker agency award at the first German Speaker Slam in New York, was raised in a entrepreneurial family. In his 20 years of experience he worked as a sales rep in retail, a sales manager in the sporting goods industry and as an initiator for international organisations.

When it comes down to successful business, Max Borman is keen about two crucial factors. Confidence and Trust.

Why are some leaders highly respected while others are only accepted?

Why do some leaders solve problems quickly while others struggle longterm?

What are the key elements for motivating others to buy into your idea?

Today Max Bormann inspires leaders about the power of trust.

He shares insights how to ...

· develop a fully engaged team

· foster lifetime relationsshops with customers

· win new markets effectivley

Paul Knecht & Oliver Seidl How storytile will change live-reporting

During their studies Paul and Oliver met each other and worked together on their bachelor thesis about the separation of Sudan. Besides their profession as photographers, both had a background as graphic designer, web developer and IT specialist. Because of this background they have developed the idea to work on real time multimedia stories. After realizing how complex existing solutions and storytelling platforms are they decided to start


and develop a multimedia live blogging solution.

After going public a year ago, they have won several prestigious clients from the news as well as the corporate publishing sector.

Nico Gabriel Success factors of DriveNow

Nico Gabriel was appointed Managing Director of DriveNow GmbH & Co. KG in May 2011. He is responsible for operations and business development at the joint venture between BMW and SIXT. Gabriel previously worked in various positions for eight years at SIXT operations in Germany and abroad, including being in charge of franchises in Scandinavia and the Middle East. Additionally, between 2008 and 2011 he was responsible for subsidiaries of SIXT, as well as the car sharing scheme SIXTI Car Club and an electric mobility cooperation between RWE, BMW, and Vattenfall.

What to expect:

*international Speaker



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