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Über uns

¡Welcome, Geeks and technology enthusiasts!

We are 4Geeks, an Academy specialised in programming training and all its disciplines with a presence in Europe, the United States, and Latin America.🌏

We have been building the present and future of programming education since 2013. An agile, disruptive, and innovative educational framework based on our own platform and content. Flipped classroom and other methodologies (learning by doing, pair programming, live support) allow us to adapt and train software developers in record time to meet the demand for market talent.

We want to be the most relevant professional career-boosting community for programmers 🚀 . More than 3,000 students have already learned new programming skills in our Bootcamps, consolidating their talent through a premium, intensive, flexible, and personalised educational experience.

Our motto is #BreatheCoding. At 4Geeks, we believe that to become a Junior Developer, you don't only need a passion for learning to program and the firm conviction of wanting to start a new professional life. Achieving it also depends on you adopting the industry's culture (effort, investment of time, dedication, autonomy, etc.).

Building a Community is also part of that culture. For that reason, we created this space dedicated to our community in Europe to share new knowledge and startup projects, network, continue acquiring new programming skills, and keep up to date with recent trends and languages.

Join us and be surrounded by people that vibrate with technology.

4Geeks has been named one of the best Coding Bootcamp globally by specialised review sites like Course Report or Switchup.

If you are interested in holding an event with us, being a teacher, training your teams, recruiting the talent we teach, or simply wanting to meet us, you can write to us at europe@4geeksacademy.com.