Worum es bei uns geht

Körperarbeit, Tanz, Butho, Schattenarbeit, Meditation

"Butoh is a highway to our inner hell and the next stop is Heaven. "

It can help us to see ourselves clearly and transform our shadows into psychological gold. It can help us to get rid of fear and give us lots of power, to do what we want.We start to learn and love ourselves more unconditionally.Butho gives us a real tool, which helps us to find our inner blockages, understand emotions and by playing with the emotions we are being transformed."

Butoh ist wie ein Werkzeug, welches unsere inneren Blockaden aufzeigt und durch das Spiel mit den Emotionen, gewinnen wir an Selbsterkenntnis und Leichtigkeit.

Butoh hilft uns frieden zu machen mit uns selbst, indem wir auch die dunklen Aspekte unseres menschlichen Da-seins kennen und lieben lernen.

Wir begegnen unseren Ängsten und Widerständen, lassen sie uns tanzen und transformieren.

1..Massage/Self-Caress/Self-love/Relaxation/Meditation Selbst-Liebe

2. ...Birth, The Fool, "I dont know Nothing" Geburt

3. Living, The Body, Slow-motion Langsamkeit

4. Experience all senses/Intensity Alle Sinne

5. E-motions "Energy in Motion" (translate what you feel into movement and let the Energy dance You) E-motionen

6. Shadow Work: Negative-Shadows: Fear, Resistance, Anger, Hate, Greed, Jealousy, Pride, Desire,Confusion, Horniness.... Positive-Shadows:Love, Vulnerability, Joy, Play, Passion, Proudness Schatten Arbeit (neg.&positive)

7. Chaos/Wild

8. Child/Play Inneres-Kind

9.. Death/Emptiness/Liberation Tod/Leere/Befreiung

Other Topics are: Masculine Energy (Warrior) ,Feminine Energy (Compassion), Tanden/Hara (Power)

• Max. 18 People.

• Guided for Beginners and Professionals.

• Donationbased

-This Meetings Intention is mainly to discover and love Yourself

-We will create a Space of Surrender including everything.

-Its is about Self-Responsibility and Recognizing/Trusting your own Wisdom and about Recognizing Believes and Resistances.


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