Let's talk ABAWT ... EduTech!


Welcome to the 3rd edition of our “Let’s talk ABAWT …” sessions where we set the main theme, get a solid startup in the industry to share their experiences and connect with one another.

Edutech or Education Technology is the use of both software and hardware to facilitate learning and improving user performance using technological processes and resources. According to unesco.org over one-fifth of children between the ages of about 6 and 11 are out of school, a third of youth between the ages of about 12 and 14 and almost 60% of youth between the ages of about 15 and 17 are not in school.

These are problems that need solutions and there are startups trying to crack this and make a difference. This meetup is to present some of these startups, their approaches and pain points as well as the progress and difference they have made so far.

Lamine BARRO | Etudesk
Lamine is the founder and CEO of Etudesk. He has a Bachelor Degree in Biostatistics, MSP at Microsoft, Chairman & Founder of his University IT club, Chairman of an Interact Club (Rotary Foundation) and 8+ years of experience as an IT Freelance and Trainer.
Etudesk is based in Ivory Coast and allows individuals to train online on business-oriented skills in order to respond to the problem of training / employment mismatch in Africa. It also supports companies in setting up an e-learning system for their staff while reducing operational and budgetary overhead linked to face-to-face training.

Lars Alexander Blumberg | Schulgenie
Lars is a software engineer by heart. He landed his first programming job at age 17 and works in Berlin's startup world since 2014, currently in health-tech. In 2018 he co-founded his own ed-tech startup Schulgenie in order to provide high quality school education in rural Africa.
In 2018 Lars met his co-founder Chris and they built the first prototype of their e-Learning platform for schools in rural Africa. Using sustainable energy and complying with the Zambian school syllabus they convinced Zambia's education minister to role out the product in 5 public schools. After running it for a few months with modest success Chris and Lars shifted the business model to the private sector. Today they train school teachers to use the Schulgenie platform to provide high quality education to Zambian children who want get more out of their school time.


18:30 Doors open

18:45 Welcome & ABAWT Introduction

19:00 Building Etudesk | Lamine Barrow, founder & CEO

19.30 Let's get involved - Q&A

19:45 Lightning Panel | Education in Africa: The Next Potential Steps
Lars Blumberg, Co-founder Schulgenie
Moses Acquah, Founder Factory24
Geoff Stead, CPO Babbel

20:15 Networking (+ more pizza and beer)

As usual there will free pizza and beer (sponsored by Babbel).
Looking forward to seeing you there.

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