"The Better Africa" Report


Welcome to our 2nd meetup in 2020!

Africa’s entrepreneurship scene has been taking off rapidly over the last ten years or so. With all the attention African entrepreneurs have attracted in the last years, the real numbers and stories behind the success and failure of African startups have hardly been uncovered yet. In our research, the sample of 500 entrepreneurs the average failure rate stood at 54% varying heavily depending on the country, funding phase or sector. But what does all that mean for us as entrepreneurs and supporters?

ABAWT and the GreenTec Foundation decided to team up for this special ABAWT session in which we discuss with you the hardships of failure, glory of success and everything in between while launching The Better Africa Report in collaboration with Kenya based WeeTracker.

This meetup is to present findings of research involving 500 African entrepreneurs and hear from them about their path to success and failure.


18:30 Doors open

19:00 Welcome ABAWT and GreenTec Foundation

19.15 The Better Africa Report – Tracing the 'success & failure' of African Startups | GreenTec Foundation

19.30 Panel |
Ezra Anajonu, Co-Founder Save n Flex
Special guest (Invited entrepreneur)
Sannssi Cissé, GreenTec Foundation

20.15 Networking + Pizza and beer :)

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