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(Online) A11y Meetup Berlin #14

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(Online) A11y Meetup Berlin #14


Welcome everyone to the 14th edition of the A11y Meetup Berlin!

After a longer break we are finally back.

The event will take place on October 5, 2022 and it'll be performed online! You can join by following the Zoom link that will be attached to this announcement.
Please be warned that due to security reasons we have to approve your requests to join first when the date and time arrives.

Live captions will be provided by the Zoom Service. We try to arrange a live transcription and are looking for transcribers and sponsors for that purpose.



18:30 Join to our Meet session :)
18:50 Quick Intro
19:00 First talk: How to write text alternatives // Marc Haunschild
19:30 Short Break
19:45 Second talk: The UX of Accessibility checklist // Marion Couesnon
20:15 Closing Notes


First Talk: How to write text alternatives
by Marc Haunschild

Providing information for non-textual content can be quite challenging and it involves a quite big
number of success criteria.
So I thought it could be a could idea to sum up all the questions, answers and examples I gave
throughout the years and make a little talk of it.

Speakers Bio:
Marc Haunschild

As a developer for the public sector I make accessible fronteds since 2001. During all these times I was also testing, teaching, talking and I’ve
written three books.

Second Talk: The UX of Accessibility checklist
by Marion Couesnon

There are many different accessibility checklist you can find on Internet. But what makes a great one? And how can you integrate it to your process? These are the 2 main questions I will cover in this talk. The talk is based on my experience using an accessibility checklist for over a year in my current project.

Speakers Bio:
Marion is an enthusiastic accessibility designer. Since 2011, she has learned design with passion. Driven by curiosity, she cultivates a multidisciplinary background, focusing on usability research, interface and experience design and coding. She is an accessibility expert, driving accessibility initiatives at Futurice and for clients.


If you would like to speak at A11y Meetup Berlin we will be glad to receive your talk proposal

Code of Conduct :

A11y Meetup Berlin
A11y Meetup Berlin
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