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AI Tech Share of USA will be held every month. Each month, we will be pleased to invite three to four experts in AI area to give talks about recent advances in AI field. A QA session will follow after each talk. AI experts and fans - please come and join us in sharing some fun and informative time!

Additionally, we are partnered with several organizations in IT fields. We are working together and will bring more technologies oriented meetup event for you every month. We also organize matchup and networking events for help entrepreneurs/founders, developers and investors connect each other.

Artificial Intelligence Core User Group (AICUG) established on March 2018 is an international AI community. AICUG is devoted to spreading AI knowledge and helping people learn, understand, and develop AI technology. In AICUG, members are encouraged to present new ideas of AI, communicate with AI experts, create opportunities for collaborations, etc. AICUG provides multiple services for the community, including tech meetups, conferences, closed-door meetings, online courses and talks, etc.

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Latest on StanfordNLP & CoreNLP Libraries

111 Independence Dr

Co-hosted by The Future of AI in IT and Bay Area NLP. We invite you to see the Stanford NLP Group present the "StanfordNLP Library", a new python library for many languages, and take part in a hands-on tutorial of the Multilingual Neural Pipeline. 6:30 - 7:00pm: Refreshments and networking 7:00-7:10pm: Overview & history of the StanfordNLP & CoreNLP libraries by Stanford Professor Christopher Manning 7:10-7:30pm: Walkthrough of the CoreNLP client interface in StanfordNLP 7:30-7:50pm: Intro to the Multilingual Neural Pipeline and Biomedical NLP Pipeline 7:50-8:20pm: Interactive tutorial of the Multilingual Neural Pipeline + QA by Stanford Doctors Jason Bolton, Peng Qi & Yuhao Zhang 8:20-9:00pm: Mingling with speakers and new friends GRATITUDE to our host: Astound (www.astound.ai) - Service Management. Reimagined.

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AI: Data is NOT a moat. Why more isn't always better?

111 Independence Dr

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