AR Berlin Meetup October 2019


Neue Schönhauser Str. 3-5 · Berlin

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4th floor common area

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Dear AR/VR lovers,

Finally, the new AR Berlin meetup is here! This time we'll have two great talks: the first about Web AR ads, and the second one about Mixed Reality for fitted kitchens.

Also do let us know if YOU would like to demo your project during the networking time,

Location: WeWork
Neue Schönhauserstraße 3-5 | 10178 Berlin | 4. floor common area

When: 15th October, 18:15-20:30

IMPORTANT: WeWork (our host this time) may ask you to show your ID on arrival due to security reasons.

#18:15 - Welcome!
As usual, feel free to put you at ease, find the nicest spot and get ready for the night :)

#18:45 - Anastasiia Miroshnichenko
Web AR Ads. Try before you buy.

One day people will wake up and realize that Augmented Reality is here. Advertisers are keen on AR because it can create higher levels of engagement than traditional ads. The power of gamification and the power of people experimenting with AR technology helps them to make better decisions as consumers.
You can find an ad in your news feed, open the camera, and preview a product in the "Real" world.

About the speaker:
I'm a Web XR Developer at Saint Elmo's Berlin. My daily goal is to develop an immersive Augmented Reality experience for our clients using only the power of the Web browser.

#19:15 - Julian Löhr
Mixed Reality and fitted kitchen - a perfect match

Fitted kitchen sales and planning has moved from pen and paper in the beginning, to miniature furniture and at last CAD software with the rise of computers. Tasked with introducing Mixed Reality as the next step, learn how we tackled the issue with modern approaches and came up with a new customer journey. Further what it takes to bring Mixed Reality to the customer, while rolling it out in a 340 people and 40 year old company.

About the speaker:
Julian Löhr is a XR Software Engineer working at the Kiveda Innovation Lab on Eiswerder. Having a background in game related technologies, he is working with HoloLens since 2016.

#19:45 - Networking
You will be able to meet the speakers, ask your questions and start discussions with fellow participants.

#20:30 - Time to say goodbye

Many thanks to our speakers and our Host!

PS: Do you want to become a speaker or a host, sponsor food/location for our next meetup or pitch your AR/VR startup/project/idea to the crowd? Send us a message!