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5. MeetUp VR/MR/AR: Device Demos

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Experience the Magic Leap One, Google Glass, HTC Vive or an Occluded Mixed Reality Device all at one place!

We let our network decide what topic to cover in our events and we invite experts to share their experiences: The topic for our fifth VR/MR/AR MeetUp is: Device Demos.

Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies are experiencing strong growth. An important factor is the availability of AR & MR devices, which have the necessary sensors, are mobile and have the powerful processors. And ultimately offering this at the right price point.

In the beginnings of mobile telephony in the early years of this millennium, huge leaps in development were achieved: From small monochrome displays with text only display, to the first color screens with pixel graphics to Ultra HD OLED displays. Similar progress was achieved in the sensor technology, mobile connectivity, cameras and processing performance.

We are now experiencing the same great developments in the field of AR and MR and we are looking forward to many more. On this event, we’ll make all these devices available to our network; some of which are not widely available: From simple devices for specialized applications, to the second generation of Mixed Reality glasses.

You can experience all these devices yourself. The first TV experience could not be seen on a radio - and you cannot really convey a mixed reality experience through a video!

To have enough time for the experience, this Meetup will initially contain only a brief introduction of the devices. The devices can then be tested at the supervised stands afterwards.

Mixed Reality Corner, presented by
* Occluded Mixed Reality Device
* Microsoft HoloLens

Industry Specialists, presented by SBB
* Google Glass
* Glassup
* Daqri

Creators Corner, presented by augmentIT
* Magic Leap One
* Oculus Go

VR Launch Pad, presented by NovaZona AG
* HTC Vive

This Meetup is sponsored by INNOArchitects AG in the INNOSpace and the association ActionJam, the largest network for innovation of large companies in Switzerland! / /

This Meetup is limited to 45 people.

The contents of the program are and