Running in Circles: Agile UX

UXAC - User Experience Aachen
UXAC - User Experience Aachen
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Facilitating usability and UX is one thing. Facilitating it at a workplace transitioning to Scrum is something else. The rhythm of sprints has a lot of advantages for management, making development activities more predictable. Teams love it as well, since it allows them to focus on a given set of tasks, that remains stable for the duration of the sprint. Usability professionals however, need to rethinking their work and their activities, so they are in sync with the teams they are collaborating with. Often times, this means abandoning old practices and adopting new methods.

The UX Group at IVU Aachen experimented a lot with aligning their work to that of the development teams using Scrum and an entire organization transitioning towards SAFe. Christopher will share their experiences, best practices, as well as pleasant and unpleasant surprises along the way. Afterwards, the group will engage in an active discussion of how to tackle Agile UX.

About Christopher:

After graduating at RWTH Aachen University focusing on Human-Computer-Interaction, I started my career as "one man app army" at IVU Traffic Technologies. Nowadays, I coordinate usability and UX activities at the IVU Aachen branch.