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Welcome to AfterWork Zürich!

This is a group for business, entrepreneur, professional socialising and networking in Zurich. We also do social events which allow for networking and personal development also.

We want to bring together like minded professionals of all ages at relatively quiet locations including bars and restaurants where people can meet each other and establish connections and friendships beyond mere acquaintances.

Join us now and see you at our next event!

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DO YOU WANT TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS EASILY? Watch this video of our founder Dan where he explains the secrets! - https://www.facebook.com/connectwithlocals/videos/1295060480661952/

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You can view some of our global meetups here: http://www.meetup.com/pro/theexpatsclub/

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Make new friends - ladies & gents! (25-45) (FREE Drink/Hosted)

Gran Finale Cocktail Bar

Join us for a wonderful evening of meeting new like-minded ladies and gentlemen between the ages of 25 to 45,make new friends and have a great time at Gran Finale! Di, your lovely host for the evening will welcome you to the group and also introduce you to some of the ladies and gents who attend. All members will also enjoy a complimentary welcome drink! Click below to book your ticket online today and save money! - https://friendsgranfinale.eventbrite.co.uk **Kindly note that you can pay via Paypal, Credit Card or Debit Card using the above link. EVENT COST: - Early bird ticket - CHF 10 each - Regular ticket - CHF 15 each - Cash at the meetup - If you have not purchased your ticket in advance then you can pay CHF 20 per person in cash on the day of the meetup to Di. Our venue: Gran Finale has a lively yet cozy ambience which make it the perfect evening spot to meet people and make friends! Absolutely no reason why you should spend your Friday evening at home. Come out and meet people!! Have a look at photos from our recent meetups and see what you have been missing! http://bit.ly/MeetupPictures Some Important points:- - Di is hosting the event. She will welcome you warmly at the venue and introduce you to a few other attendees so long as you come early. - We have our area booked for Meetup. Please ask the bar staff for DI and they will help you find us. - We also have a FREE welcome drink for our members, so long as they last. So please make sure to come as close to time as possible! - Please come early so that you can meet other members or be introduced to other attendees (please request Di if you need intro support). - The Bar has a wide choice of fabulous drinks available to purchase. - Dress code - Casual/smart - Please be aware that about 90% of those who attend come alone and about 80% are attending for the first time. You will not be alone. We know how you may feel and Di will take care of you. - We have 5 meetup groups in Zurich with over 13000 members and we will be inviting members from all those groups to attend. This ensures that we always have a good number of people, with varied interests. You will meet a lot of new people. Members of other groups who RSVP are included as guests of the organiser in order to give you an idea of expected numbers. - We are not a dating group. Our events are not organised to manage your dating life. Our group is created to help ladies and gents meet other like minded ladies and gents and to make new friends. Please do not attend our event if a perfect gender balance is important for your enjoyment of our meet-up. Keep an open mind and join us to make new friends. ------------------------------------- Click below to book your cheaper advance tickets:- https://friendsgranfinale.eventbrite.co.uk ------------------------------------ You should come to our socials because 1) You never queue to attend our meetups. Our emphasis is on quality of people over quantity. We have smaller groups of 20 - 40 people for a good reason. 2) We do many unique and different events and so attract a different quality of a person. 3) We always host events. Our hosts actually welcome you and introduce you to others. 4) We always welcome members and introduce you to other members. You will never be alone in our event. 5) Our events have internationally minded, well travelled and secular locals as well as internationally minded expats. 6) We have over 525,000 members in 32 cities with over 150 meetup groups! We host over 100 events a month. We never take commissions or backhanders from our venues. ---------------------------------------- Click to see secrets of our successful members: https://www.facebook.com/connectwithlocals/videos/875861952794230/ Click to see secrets of making new friends: https://www.facebook.com/connectwithlocals/videos/1295060480661952/ Please watch this video to see why you should attend our socials: http://bit.ly/whyattendoursocials

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