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Welcome to the Agile Coaching Exchange (ACE) Austria!

This is the place for you and a community to share, learn and grow.

This group draws inspiration from various sources. Many of us are Agile & Lean Coaches as a professional background. We regularly joined Agile Coach Camps. And we want to hone our our coaching skills on a regular basis. Last but not least several similar groups grew before ours in other areas on this planet (specifically ACE in London (http://www.meetup.com/ACE-Agile-Coaching-Exchange/)).

Coaching is no one-size-fits-all discipline. It is not an exact science. It stems from various similar and also different sources. Still, it is always about helping to engage clients own powers, strenghts to find their own way. Agile Coaching goes even further in a world of dynamic change, new ways of working and collaboration.

We connect Agile Coaches and changemakers from various backgrounds

• Provide a place for coaches to learn from each other and seek support
• Exchange coaching skills and experiences
• Develop new concepts collaboratively
• Learn from others and from diverse approaches
• Share, explore and learn together - and have fun

The target audience is everyone, interested in connecting the dots of Agile / Lean and Coaching, Agile Coaches, ScrumMasters, but also Life Coaches, people who care about making a difference with the art of coaching.

No matter, if you feel already like a master or start fresh right away. Always feel free to share and also bring others along, people from your current workplace, clients, friends, anyone who could benefit from our meetups.

The general language we use on this online platform is English, being as open as possible for all people from Austria, but also international colleagues. In case a meetup is only attended by German-speaking members, well then let's talk 'Austrian'. Oh and yes, we don't want to chat only, but we really want to learn from experience.

We currently explore the option for using your contribution to our meetups as part of a potential application for the Certified Scrum Professional in category A.

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Agile Coaching - Kollegiale Fallberatung (deutsche Sprache)

Diese Veranstaltung findet in deutscher Sprache statt. This event will be run in German language ==================================================== Die kollegiale Fallberatung ist gerade im agilen Coaching ein sehr wirkungsvolles Mittel, um zu einer konkreten Problemstellung einer FallgeberIn gemeinsam mögliche alternative Lösungswege zu ermitteln. Im ACE Austria nutzen wir dieses Format, um in einem geschützten Rahmen die gemeinsamen Kompetenzen der "BeraterInnen" zu nutzen und den FallgeberInnen wertvolle Impulse zur Verfügung zu stellen. Gerade zu "agilen Themenstellungen" sind die Lerngelegenheiten unerschöpflich und durch die gemeinsame Arbeit an den Herausforderungen entstehen gleichzeitig wertvolle Beziehungen zwischen den Teilnehmern. Zum generellen Ablauf: - Wir bearbeiten an einem Abend in 2 Stunden ca. 2 Fälle - Macht Euch gerne im Vorfeld Gedanken, Euren Fall zur Verfügung zu stellen - Die Rolle einer ModeratorIn wird im Rahmen des Meetups besetzt - Von Zeit zu Zeit werden wir auch einen Gastmoderator mit an Bord haben - Wir werden von Fall zu Fall unterschiedliche Techniken ausprobieren Bringt gerne Eure eigenen Techniken und Erfahrungen für die Gestaltung der Fallbearbeitung mit. Wir wollen den Rahmen bewusst fokussiert halten. Daher beschränken wir die maximale Teilnehmerzahl auf 18 Personen. Bitte meldet Euch nur an, wenn Ihr Euch sicher seid, dass Ihr auch teilnehmt. Sollte Euch dennoch etwas dazwischen kommen, so

REFTO: Learning to LEAD, Leading to LEARN


If you want to learn, how to successfully change the culture of a company for the better, then this session by #BusinessAgility #Vienna #Meetup is the right one for you. For this learn about the famous NUMMI project of Toyota from those, who were there. Further Details & All Registrations here: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/BusinessAgilityVienna/events/272188548

Meet Lyssa Adkins - The Evolution of Agile Coaching


We are super happy having Lyssa back ACE Austria - this time online. Lyssa has certainly been key to the development of the Agile Coaching discipline over the past 10 years. Together with Michael Spayd she coined the well-known And often referred stances for agile coaching. She taught and inspired hundreds to thousands of people across the globe. And she has always been living up herself to what she talked about. Currently Lyssa is in the process of personally recording the audio version of her book „Coaching Agile Teams“. And we are excited and looking forward to a deep conversation with her and an amazing audience at this online meetup. Be sure not to miss this and join the conversation!

ACE Austria: Extreme Manufacturing. Agile in HW. With Joe Justice.

This time we will host Joe Justice, founder of Wikispeed, coach & trainer with Jeff Sutherland for the past few years and pioneer of Agile in hardware and manufacturing. Joe will run his workshop in #Vienna on 14.-15. May 2020. And as part of his stay he will run a session at our meetup. More details following soon!

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Coaching Dojo. Bring Your Favorite Coaching Tools.


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