#23 Education meets Agile values

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Dear Agilists,

this time we have a special topic which definitely doesn't belong to the category "pure Scrum": Education meets Agile values.

For this reason the elementary school director of the Dresden University School, Maxi Hess, joins us this time. Thank you very much for the open exchange, Maxi.
Many thanks also to Katja Kremling, who provided us the beautiful Konnektiv62 at short notice and free of charge. There we will find a nice room and some drinks (2 Euro per drink - please bring enough cash).
Furthermore, I would like to thank Hanjo, who connected us with the University School and was able to convince Soup and Food to supply us with soup.

So much for the general conditions. So let's take a look at the content.

What is the University School?
The University School is a unique pilot project of the university TU Dresden and the city of Dresden. It is about inventing the school of the future and trying it out with scientific validation. Basic processes of school are being reconsidered and alternatives tested. For this purpose, many conventions are broken with. For example, learning takes place in interdisciplinary projects and mixed-age groups, full-day and the learning equipment includes digital devices as well. The evaluation is based on individual competence grids. And individual appointments are made on a weekly basis, replacing rigid timetables.
The overall objective is to test and explore innovative forms of teaching, learning and living together. In doing so, each student is to be supported according to his or her learning abilities.

What is exciting about this from an agile perspective?
Hopefully most of you remember the Agile Manifesto and the Agile values recorded there. The latter are actually lived in this project:
Individuals and their concerns are the focus of attention while processes and tools are seen as a means to an end. They are questioned and adapted if necessary. The focus is on achieving individual success and real empowerment. Cooperation is not only essential within the school and the projects, but also an important part of the continuous improvement of the methods used. The list of specific examples would be incredibly long.
Finally, we were curious to see what synergies could emerge by bringing together smart and interested people from these fields: Agilists who are involved in a "new work” environment beyond command and control principles. And innovative education experts who want to prepare our young people for the challenges of this world.

Therefore, our first slot will be dedicated to this very topic:
How does education look like which prepares young people best for the challenges of an unknown future?
Maxi Hess will kick off this part with a short introduction to the learning concept. Afterwards we will gather ideas on the above mentioned question - as usual with different methods and techniques.

In case we still have time for a second slot after the break, we decide spontaneously what to do with it. We have enough topics in stock. Maybe some participants bring exciting questions or topics as well.

I am looking forward to our meeting and I am very excited about what we will achieve.


Please update your RSVP in case something has changed recently. As seats are limited, we already have members on the waiting list.