Agile Game Lab #27 @Wooga


_Your test drive for team games and workshop tools

The Agile Game Lab is a "mini barcamp" ( for anyone who want to try out Agile tools and games while having fun. We provide a safe space for to learn how to facilitate, teach or coach teams and groups about Agile mindset, tools, and methods. You have the chance to improve your facilitation skills by offering a game or tool session or to find peers to co-design a new game or tool.

_How does it work? Bring a game or tool - no superpowers required!

You read something about a new game or tool? You learned about it in a workshop or training? Or you even created one yourself? In any case: Bring it to the Agile Game Lab, announce it to the group, and you will find peers to test it out without risk to fail. Or just join a session and learn from others. We have some basic moderator materials but please bring anything you need to host a session. There are two times sessions of 45-60 minutes availabe. If you need more time, you can run two sessions in a row. Feel free to announce with a post in the meetup group what you like to play.

_You need some inspiration to host a session? Have a look at these web sites:
or check out this presentation about designing a game:

_Why using games and visual tools to solve serious challenges?

We are convinced that games, tools and simulations are useful to experience agile practices with others, to communicate social complex problems and to learn how to apply agile and lean thinking to solve them. They are also a great way to explore an issue at work, e.g. how to get rid of command and control, improve flow etc. That's why games are a very important element of the learning environments we create.

_Spread the word, and promote our community

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To keep the no-show rate low we're collecting 5 EUR event fee and will donate to a nonprofit organization. If you really can't afford that please drop us a note. Please use the link to let us know who you want us to donate the event fee to.