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We bring people together who are excited or curious about games, play at work, innovation games, new ways of working, agile or game design.

The Agile Game Lab events are an open space for everyone* interested in learning agile practices by playing or co-creating agile games and simulations. We meet regularly** to play, design, make, adapt and hack Agile games.

Everyone is welcome to bring your own ideas for games, issues you want to tackle by designing a game or games you want to tinker with or just try out facilitating. By playing games we are exploring new ways to deal with social complexity at work, in the safe environment of the game we turn problems into learning opportunities.

A short history ... Stefan Haas and Stephan Schwab started the Agile Game Lab with the first event Sep 2012 at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Berlin. In 2013 Georg Baumgarte and Katia Vara helped to host an Agile Game Lab at Wooga which brought for the first time people from game development and agile together. More friends joined the organiser crew setting up ad-hoc game events.Now the Agile Game Lab spreads to Cologne, Hamburg, Vienna, Zurich and the world!

* everyone—neither superpowers, nor 10 years of agile experience, nor anything but an open mind is required!!

** meet regularly—current plan is to meet bi-monthly, but this is also up to the community

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