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Since April of 2014, Agile Ontario has brought together people passionate about agile practices and better ways to work on our organizations. We are practitioners and coaches that help each-other and share experiences. We want to learn and help each-other.
We meet once a month, every second Saturday of the month, at 10 AM -12 AM at the Marche by the Hockey Hall of Fame. It is a friendly environment where we get together and talk while having breakfast and a coffee. We have a conversation leader that is announced before the meeting, along with the topic of the conversation.

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Shaping up from disruption


We have an amazing opportunity created by the Covid disruption. Many things are broken and we have a chance to give new shape to our organizations and communities. What will you do in this revolution? How can you influence your organization or community to create a better future for everyone. Catarina and Ardita will start the conversation around some of these ideas. Have a look before you join us! Exponential Organizations with Salim Ismail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmN1entrHx0 How to Spot Inflection Points In Business Before They Happen with Rita McGrath and Alex Osterwalder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWNJTpNudDY Link to zoom will be sent the day before the event

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Preparing for the future


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