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Are you passionate about new approaches to transform our companies into spaces filled with passion, purpose and freedom? Do you believe that there is a better way to manage (or self organize!) our companies to make them better places to work in? Would you like to rethink and redesign the people side of transformations and rethink current (HR) practices?

Then "Agile People Frankfurt" is your local community!

As a local branch from the international Agile People network we strive to offer you a good mix of international & local expert insights, a platform for professional networking and an opportunity to create your personal experience by contributing and designing the space together with us.

We want to offer a platform where HR professionals, managers, employees, coaches and everyone else who is interested to foster the debate and develop ideas can come together to share and learn!

The official language of the meetup group is English.

More information about the international Agile People Network can be found here:

We are looking forward to meet you!

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Agile People in a Nutshell - A Radical Approach for HR & Managers

Do you want to know more about what HR and managers need to be aware of when making it possible for teams to self organize in an agile reality, unleashing human potential and optimizing for performance in the new world of work? How leadership practices need to be adjusted to the new paradigm of employee-driven organisations and how motivating employees becomes possible with less control, transparent visualization, trust and continuous improvement? Then join us for our Meetup Kick off in Frankfurt in November. Pia-Maria Thoren, founder of the Agile People Network, author of ”Agile People” and international Agile HR and leadership consultant, will join us online for a keynote on the purpose and goal of the network she founded - "agile people". Pavlos Giannakis, founder of Dual GmbH in Frankfurt, joins us for a second talk. Working as a freelance coder for almost all of his professional career, he was highly depending on the services of headhunters and recruiters - until he decided to found his own agile recruitment agency. In his talk he will explain what distinguishes him from traditional recruiters. Agenda: 06:00 - 07:00: Networking and pizza 07:00 - 07:15: Welcome 07:15 - 07:45: Pia-Maria Thoren - Keynote 07:45 - 8:15: Pavlos Giannakis - From recruited to recruiter 8:15 - 09:15: Networking Location: ETECTURE GmbH Voltastraße 31, 5th floor 60486 Frankfurt am Main Parking: Public (but probably not free) parking at S-Bahn-Station Westbahnhof: https://goo.gl/maps/f5SPdGnbkGf7Vc3PA We are looking forward to meet you and co-create an inspiring and interesting evening! More about the Agile People Network: http://www.agilepeople.se/ More about all Agile People activities in Germany: http://www.agilepeoplegermany.com/ More about Pia-Maria Thoren: Pia-Maria is the founder and owner of GreenBullet, and specializes in Agile HR, Agile leadership and People Management. She has worked as a consultant with many of Sweden's largest companies, helping them to implement People management processes and solutions, always spiced with an agile mindset. She is a People management consultant and devoted change agent with an enterprise perspective. Her main focus is to contribute to creating organizations where people perform better and feel engaged. Agile leadership and agile frameworks are the best ways to create successful change, in her opinion. Her main drive is to see the movement from one state to another in a company, contributing by making that change successful both from a financial and human perspective. Her vision is to create customer value and have fun at the same time!

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