Moving 65000 Microsofties to DevOps on the Public Cloud

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It's the 'DevOps' June :-) We're excited to have Sam Guckenheimer from Microsoft Visual Studio team in Redmond for this meetup.

This is the story of transforming Microsoft to One Engineering System with a globally distributed 24x7x365 service on the public cloud. We’ll show you round the system that handles the load of some of the most demanding engineering teams in the world and share some stories about how they got there.

This is a seven-year story of moving to Cloud-First Development and modern DevOps practices, supporting an internal engineering organization of 65,000, while growing both the SaaS and traditional software business. The organizational and engineering practices include:
• agile project management, scheduling, teaming, and development
• enterprise git to enable distributed version control at scale
• modern release pipeline with automated testing, continuous integration and continuous deployment
• live site quality of service and feature work in the same product backlog
• public cloud hosting for flexible infrastructure and global presence
• canary deployment across data centers
• feature flags to make dark launches and progressive experimentation possible

Speaker Bio:

Sam Guckenheimer is the Product Owner for the Microsoft Visual Team Services and Team Foundation Server. In this capacity, he acts as the chief customer advocate, responsible for strategy of the next releases of these products, focusing on DevOps, Agile and Application LifeCycle Management.

Sam edits the website, He is a regular speaker and has keynoted at many conferences including DevOps Enterprise Summit and Agile. He is the author of four books, most recently Journey to Cloud Cadence, Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2012: Adopting Agile Software Practices: From Backlog to Continuous Feedback. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2003, Sam was Director of Product Line Strategy at Rational Software Corporation, now the Rational Division of IBM.

Microsoft will be sponsoring the venue and pizza for this meetup.

As always, we expect this event to be overbooked fast. Please do keep your RSVP up-to-date.

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Looking forward to it...