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Za Zen – sitting meditation
Following the breath (zuisokkan) or just siting (shikantaza), these are the usual methods in Soto Zen. To become one with the exercise, this is Zen practice. The Meditation will be guided by Ulrike Serak. She practice Za Zen for more than 30 years. General, useful hints are given at the beginning of the sitting period, if necessary . For a personal talk, concerning the Zen practice, Ulrike is also available. The regular Za Zen practice takes place every Tuesdays from 8 to 9 am. Two periods of 20 minutes sitting and Kinhin (walking meditation) in between. If you come for the first time, please call or send an email in advance. Ulrike Serak –[masked] or (030)[masked] [masked]

Aikido Dojo am Gleisdreieck

Tempelhofer Ufer 36 2. Yard, 1st floor (ground level) · Berlin

Worum es bei uns geht

Aikido is a traditional martial art (Budo) and absolutely contemporary at the same time. It follows the basic principle that there can be no winner if either participant is harmed. In this sense, Aikido is not a method of fighting, but a way of stopping the fight. The focus of practice is on principles such as integrity, presence and empathy.

Today, Aikido is spread out throughout the world. You‘ll find a Dojo almost anywhere you go. In Aikido you get a intense physical training, which brings body and mind together. Through regular practice you will sharpen your overall perception, increasing your flexibility and strength. In time you‘ll be able to stay centered and calm in any kind of situation.

Beside Aikido we also offer teaching in Za Zen and traditional Japanese sword work (Kenjutsu).

If you are interested to find out more about us you may check our website: www.aikido-dojo-gleisdreieck.de (http://www.aikido-dojo-gleisdreieck.de/en/)

As a member of this meet up we will also keep you updated about introduction workshops and other events in our school.

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