Worum es bei uns geht

Have you ever painted before? - Come and see, it's so easy. We are not a group of specialised artists, just anybody can come and try.
Maybe you have always wanted to paint, but when you were young, the teacher at school told you, you couldn't. That's rubbish! At our place with the little studio, the garden and the colors of the south, you will be good at it!
We paint acrylic colours on canvas, we use brushes, but also other strange instruments like small spades, "tajetas" and waterpumps.

Come to our place, relax and have a great time painting and meeting people from all over the world.
Coffee and drinks free, of course!!

All the material like canvas, brushes, colors etc. are included in the price.

You are bored?? You feel you want to do something new?? Just drag your body to our place and after three hours you will leave it with a smile on your face and your perfect picture in your hands!!

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Let's paint the picture you always wanted to have - in 3 hours time!

Malstudio Paloma

28,00 €

With that special technique you will be able to paint any topic you want - is it landscapes or skylines, is it flowers or houses, your favorite pet or stars and hearts.... whatever is on your mind! You don't need any experience in painting, I will show you how to do it. All the material you need, - a canvas, colours, brushes, tools, spades - you will find everything in the studio and it is all included in the price.,- even coffees and drinks!! Spend a happy time in lovely surroundings, painting and talking, going home with your perfect picture. Hope to see you!

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Let's spend a lovely afternoon together painting!

Malstudio Paloma

28,00 €

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