• Liquidity Network: Non-Custodial Financial Intermediaries

    Proof of Work Blockchains are meant to offer an alternative to custodian payment systems, enabling the users to remain custodians of their funds. The limited transaction throughput of PoW blockchains, however, results in for example unpredictable transaction fees which disqualifies e.g. micropayments. We present Liquidity Network's NOCUST, a novel non-custodial 2nd-layer financial intermediary solution secure against double-spending that guarantees users control of funds through leveraging a smart contract enabled decentralized blockchain ledger as a means of dispute resolution. NOCUST is operational on the Ethereum mainnet since June'18. The operational costs of NOCUST are currently less than 100 USD per month, which allows to offer zero-fee transactions and enabling micropayments for millions of users. The creation of off- from on-chain funds costs a constant of <135'000 gas, the creation of on- from off-chain funds bears a base cost of 315'000 gas, while a dispute costs a base of 240'000 gas. User on-boarding does not require previous on-chain funds, a simple off-chain faucet can therefore directly engage users within the off-chain ecosystem. Users are moreover not required to remain online to receive off-chain funds, NOCUST therefore lowers the online presence requirement, and thus increases the security of the user's funds. ————————— Speaker Bio: Arthur is Assistant Professor at Imperial College London where he is leading a research group with Security, Privacy and Scalability focus on blockchain technology. Arthur is also CEO and co-founder of Liquidity Network, the first bi-directional off-chain wallet for Ethereum, and co-founder of ChainSecurity that built the first one-click smart contract formal verification tool securify.ch. Arthur obtained his Ph.D. from ETH Zurich on the topic of blockchain security in 2016, where he designed and published a variety of open source software, such as the first realistic blockchain network simulator (https://github.com/arthurgervais/Bitcoin-Simulator). He compared the security provisions of different block size and time intervals quantitatively, showing that, e.g., 37 Ethereum block confirmations are equal to 6 Bitcoin block confirmations from a security point of view. He published over 8 peer-reviewed academic contributions (https://scholar.google.com/citations?usµer=jLr_xi4AAAAJ&hl=en).

  • Introduction to Alternative Cryptocurrencies (Altcoins)

    Door Opens: 18.30 Speech Begins: 19.00 You will learn the basics about Alternative Cryptocurrencies (Altcoins) in this presentation: * History of Altcoins since 2011 * Coin or Token? What is the difference * What is Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Work? * Examples for different generations of Altcoins * Lessons learned from the past years * Your questions This is an entry level event, suitable for people who have only a limited knowledge about Alternative Cryptocurrencies (Altcoins). Also perfectly suitable as a refresher. Speaker: Marc Bettinger is currently a Director of Forctis AG, a Swiss-based blockchain company. Starting his banking career 20 years ago in Germany, from his early days he’s had a faible for alternative & value investments. Marc is a Certified International Investment Analyst (CIIA) and until recently worked for a leading Swiss Private Bank as Credit Risk Manager. From[masked] he was active as a crypto-blogger under the pseudonym “Altcoinspekulant” building one of the pioneer blogs regarding Altcoin-investing. In addition, he is Co-Host of the Altcoin-Meetup Switzerland and initiated the Telegram group “Altcoins Switzerland.” This event is sponsored and hosted by the Bitcoin Association Switzerland. If you like what we do, please join us or support us otherwise! https://www.bitcoinassociation.ch

  • NEM: Making of an Enterprise Blockchain Platform

    Door Opens: 18.30 Speech Begins: 19.00 NEM: Proof of Importance, Eigentrust++, Aggregated Transactions. Are you ready for the first NEM Zürich meetup? We will host Paul Rieger from NEM Europe as our guest speaker for this special event. The NEM project was launched in early 2014 with a mere USD 100'000. Four years later, the NEM public chain is worth more than USD 5,000,000,000(*). How did this happen? Paul will explain the history behind NEM and how the non-profit NEM Foundation looks at NEM's success and the path ahead. With more than 70 employees across 5 regions, NEM is among the leading platforms for enterprise blockchains. Paul will also share with you real world use cases and implementations as well as exciting upcoming features that will catapult NEM to the next level. (*) I kept changing this number up and down several times over the last few days; just HODL & don't worry about it ;-) Speaker Bio: Paul Rieger is the head of business development for NEM Europe. He is also a board member of RIAT, an internationally renowned research institute focused on cryptoeconomics and the blockchain. Previously, he founded a software company that developed enterprise SaaS platforms and blockchain solutions. Paul's expertise is focused on pragmatic approaches to integrate software into existing businesses and the creation of scalable business models.

  • The King is back: Introducing Sunny King's new project "VEE Blockchain"

    Door opening: 18.30 Speech start: 19.00 Sunny King is the inventor of Proof of Stake and created with "Primecoin the first proof-of-work based cryptocurrency that has compu with any kind of workable solution", as Viatlik Buterin put it in Bitcoin Magazine in July 2013. In a recent blog post, he announced his comeback: "I would like to announce that Project VEE (https://vee.tech/20) is under development and that I have assumed a full time position as chief architect for the project. VEE aims to bring about a next generation platform for blockchain applications. The VEE team is currently promoting the project in Asia and will visit Europe in February. (Source: https://talk.peercoin.net/t/ann-sunny-joins-project-vee/7346 ) While Sunny may not be present himself at this event (he certainly won't be taking the stage), the following speakers will introduce their technology. Kate Shan (20mins), Core Developer: "Blockchain history and Peercoin/Priecion" Wanli Yang (50mins), Core Developer: "VEE-Next generation database cloud blockchain platform (Blockchain 5.0)" Rob Zhang (15mins), CEO Vee Technology "VVE Future and Roadmap"

  • Byteball: Beyond Blockchain without Miners or Blocks && Tokenization of assets

    Door Opening: 18:30 Beginn Speech: 19:00 First speaker: Tony Churyumoff is the founder and chief developer of cryptocurrency platform Byteball. He launched the platform in December 2016 after 2 years of development aimed at creating a safe, open, and decentralized environment for peer-to-peer transactions. Previously, he co-founded, developed, and sold several companies in the fields of payments, information security, and telecommunications. Tony has a PhD in physics and math. Byteball is one of the most interesting and innovative Alternative Cryptocurrencies out there. Byteball data is stored and ordered using directed acyclic graph (DAG) rather than a blockchain. This allows all users to add transactions to the ledger themselves instead of going through gatekeepers such as miners and also removes scalability limits common in blockchains, such as blocksize issue. In addition there was no ICO or Token sale, the distribution started 2016 for free to all HODLers of Bitcoin with an Airdrop. Byteball Founder Tony will give us insights about the current status of the project. Second speaker: Dr. Pavel Kravchenko, is the founder of Ukraine based Distributed Lab. Pavel will talk about the "Democratization of financial industry through tokenization of assets." He is the founder of Distributed Lab, blogger, cryptographer and Phd in Information Security. Pavel is working in blockchain industry since early 2014 (Stellar). Pavel's expertise is mostly focused on: cryptography, security & technological risks, tokenization. Organisation: Bitcoin Association Switzerland http://bitcoinassociation.ch/

  • Third Generation Blockchains + The Future of Data Storage powered by Blockchains

    Guest talk (~20min): Third generation blockchains - how they scale, how they are governed and how they interoperate Guest Speaker Bio: Charles Hoskinson - CEO and Co-Founder of IOHK Charles Hoskinson is a Colorado-based technology entrepreneur and mathematician. He attended Metropolitan State University of Denver and University of Colorado at Boulder to study Analytic Number Theory prior to moving into cryptography via industry exposure. His professional experience includes founding three Cryptocurrency related start-ups - Invictus Innovations, Ethereum and IOHK - and a variety of colorful positions in the public and private sector. He was the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s education committee and established the Cryptocurrency Research Group in September of 2013. His current projects focus on education of cryptocurrency topics, evangelism of decentralization and making cryptographic tools easier to use for the mainstream. Main Talk (~45mins): The future of data storage and nano-barter powered by blockchains Main Speaker Bio: Vlado Petrushev, Co-Founder Minebox Vlado Petrushev has background in Economics/Information Science and started his career at IBM in Czech Republic, where he spent 2.5 years. Vlado learned about Bitcoin in 2012 and immediately recognized the potential of this technology, first as a explorer/trader and then as part of successful startups including Storj, advised Coinigy and externally consulted https://blockchain.info on market strategy related topics. Vlado learned In 2015, he co-founded Minebox (https://minebox.io) one of the most promising blockchain companies from Austria and he is also founder of http://0confirmation.com . Vlado likes to read about investing, economics, technology, libertarianism, and spends a lot of time swimming, cycling and boxing. Organisation: http://bitcoinassociation.ch/

  • Melonport Event: Technology Regulated Investment Funds

    Introducing Melon - A protocol for Technology Regulated Investment Funds. In this talk , Mona will give an overview of the latest Melon protocol release and how it works as well as additional features which have been built in (including Oyente, Melon mail, Thomson Reuters price feed, risk management, MAMA). The session will conclude with a live demo on how to set up and manage a Melon fund and of course a Q&A. Audience is welcome to participate in demo alongside but recommended to bring own laptop and install Metamask plugin to chrome in advance to save time. The speaker: Mona El Isa, CEO & Co-Founder, is a former star-trader at Goldman Sachs, promoted to Vice President by the age of 26 and made the “top 30 under 30” list in Trader Magazine in 2008 and Forbes Magazine in 2011 after profitably trading the 2008 and 2011 crashes. Moved to Geneva-based macro fund Jabre Capital in 2011, before deciding in 2014 that the future of finance lay in blockchain technology. She studied Economics & Statistics at the University College London. Organisation: http://bitcoinassociation.ch/ Sponsor:

  • Swarm City - A decentralised P2P sharing economy platform

    Veranstaltungsort für Mitglieder sichtbar

    This is the first event since we renamed this Meetup Group from Blockchain to the new name "Altcoin Meetup Switzerland" - and we couldn't be happier about our first guests! Agenda • What is Swarm City (King Flurkel & Bernd Lapp) • Architecture of Swarm City (King Flurkel & Stefaan Ponnet) • How we build (Kiki) • How developers can contribute and use the platform (Stefaan & King Flurkel) • Q&A About Swarm City Swarm City is the first truly decentralised peer to peer sharing economy platform. A distributed app running on the Ethereum blockchain. Swarm City is designed as a commerce platform, that allows anyone to create any sharing service. It gives you access to a decentralized global community of peer-to-peer service providers and consumers. One of the first services that will be provided is ridesharing. It allows any driver to offer his services under his conditions to any rider. This has the potential to disrupt Uber, just as Uber has disrupted the Taxi Business. But the platform is not limited to ridesharing. Any P2P business can be created. After eating Uber for Breakfast we intend to have AirBnB for Lunch and Amazon for Dinner and a lot of snacks and inbetween. Speakers King Flurkel - Innovation Expert King Flurkel combines creativity and coding while thinking out of the box. Age 20, he started a digital media production company that was sold 4 years later to Duval Guilaume / Publicis. He joined Publicis working as creative director for the digital department. He then started McCann Erickson’s Digital department, creating digital marketing concepts for different clients. He is also a serial founder of very successful digital marketing startups before he started to work for the city of Antwerp and joined A-Labs, a research and development program, focusing on the economic and social impact of new technologies, such as Blockchain. His creative mindset is extremely helpful in developing new opportunities with Blockchain Technology as the focus is not to replicate existing processes with new technology but to create new processes because of improved technology. Stefaan - Lead Developer Stefaan is a true tech entrepreneur and Blockchain expert. His smart contract coding ability in solidity is well recognized in the Ethereum community. He has been developing software in several positions for more than 15 years. His involvement also included working as Freelancer for the City of Antwerp, working on the bridge between the Internet of Things and Blockchain Technology. His strategic thinking allows him to create sustainable products and business models. Being an entrepreneur himself he knows what it takes to make a business successful and is able to use the full potential of new technologies like Blockchain to accomplish this. Kiki - Product Development Kristien holds an MA in Product Development from the Hogeschool Antwerpen. She worked in digital advertising and content creation, before she worked for the City of Antwerp and joined A-Labs, a research and development program, focusing on the economic and social impact of new technologies, such as Blockchain. She is working at the bridge between Users and technology, always keeping the balance between User needs, usability, functionality and technical feasibility. Bernd - Business Lead Bernd is the Head of the Business Department. As part of his role as Head of Sales for a Fintech Startup in Switzerland, he got interested in Blockchain Technology and the business opportunities it provides. From 2015 onwards he focused on this new technology advising the big four consulting firms and also joined the Advisory Board of the Ethereum Foundation, one of the most promising Blockchain protocols available. He started his professional career working for the National Football League, creating a grassroots program to promote the development of American Football in Europe. Then continued working for Deutsche Telekom as Head of Product Marketing for T-Online.de, responsible for the largest general interest website in Germany, before he moved to Cryptovalley Zug in Switzerland. Living and working at the Heart of Blockchain Technology.

  • Lightning: past, present, and future - Olaoluwa Osuntokun (roasbeef)

    Laolu will give an overarching talk on the history, present state, and future aspirations of Lightning. In his talk, Laolu will: • Highlight the technical differences of the fully fledged Lightning protocol as specified within lightning-rfc compared with the design sketch outlined in the original Lightning Network paper • Give an overview of the current state of development and implementation status of Lightning, and finally explore future implications and applications of Lightning itself. Please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/Bitcoin-Meetup-Switzerland/events/240489637/ https://twitter.com/roasbeef Door opening: 19:00 Talk & Q&A: 19:15 Blog: http://lightning.community/ Website: https://lightning.network/ Organisation: Blockchain Source GmbH (http://www.blockchainsource.ch/) Bitcoin Association Switzerland (http://bitcoinassociation.ch/)

  • Starting a Bitcoin (ATM) business - Zach & Josh Harvey, Co-Founders of Lamassu

    For the Labor Day meetup, we're delighted to host our fellow Bitcoin comrades Josh and Zach Harvey visiting from Sofia, Bulgaria to talk about their company Lamassu, why they started a Bitcoin business and what it's like. Please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/Bitcoin-Meetup-Switzerland/events/238794401/ Founded in 2013 by Josh and Zach Harvey, Lamassu Inc. is one of the first Bitcoin ATM producers and oldest Bitcoin companies still operating today. Their Bitcoin machines are among the most popular, with over 200 machines deployed all over the world. Door opening: 19:00 Talk & Q&A: 19:15 Drinks: 20:00 Website: https://lamassu.is/ Josh ( https://twitter.com/joshmh ) and Zach ( https://twitter.com/zharvz ) Harvey with a Lamassu ATM. Organisation & Sponsoring: Blockchain Source GmbH (http://www.blockchainsource.ch/) Bitcoin Association Switzerland (http://bitcoinassociation.ch/) Room Sponsor: TGIM (http://www.tgim.work/)