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7th Meetup - Alternative Leadership & Team Organization

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We are happy to announce one more leadership meetup before the year ends. On this edition we will talk about the following topics:

- No CV hiring

- RH framework: 100% Entrepreneurship & 0% Bureaucracy

- Founding a digital association

No CV hiring
by Anna Ott (, HR Expert at Hub:raum Berlin

Is there a correlation between a fancy university degree or prestigious internships and success in a startup context? And is a CV a good choice to decide on someone else’s career? Not according to Anna, HR expert at Hub:raum, the Incubator of the Deutsche Telekom. For that reason they started an experiment a little while ago: Eliminating CVs and getting to know candidates’ personalities in another way.

During her talk, Anna will share what happened with the hiring process at hub:raum since they started the experiment.

RH framework: 100% Entrepreneurship & 0% Bureaucracy
by Petrus Gamelkoorn (, Chief Creator of Opportunities at Resourceful Humans

Everyone is speaking about new ways of working, connectivity and agility. In real life however, there are still very few tools that actually enable you to work this way. The RH-Way is an easy to implement Management Framework enabling a workplace full of purpose with 100% Entrepreneurship and 0% Bureaucracy by creating a network of autonomous teams to get every meaningful mission done.

In his talk, Petrus will give a brief overview about the framework and the tools they use.

Founding a digital association
by Jana Stecher (, founder and chairwoman of CZY WRK e.G.

In 2015 the first digital association (Genossenschaft) has been founded in Berlin by a group of entrepreneurs and freelancers. The vision of CZY WRK e.G. was to create a framework and platform to empower members to work and collaborate in a value-oriented, self-determined and agile way.

Jana will talk about the challenges and learnings of becoming a digital association.

The talks will be in English! Our capacity is limited - please RSVP only if you really plan to attend.

Doors will open at 7pm with the talks starting at 7.30. After the talks there’ll be drinks provided to have a chat and mingle.

We’re looking forward to welcome you!