AWS Meetup #17 (powered by tecRacer)


Our next AWS Meetup will be powered by tecRacer!

Talk 1 - Speaker Gernot Glawe (tecRacer): Test Driven Cloud Development or CDK driven Testing?

Either way, in the last couple of AWS projects, the CDK assisted me in many ways: Easy Spin up of test environments with a few extra gadgets, test for desired CloudFormation output, testing infrastructure, refactoring with safety net or even locally executing Lambda functions together with CKDs buddy SAM. Expect some coding and some fun! Talk

Talk 2 - Speaker Marco Tesch (tecRacer): Serverless Image Rekognition with Squirrels!

Who is this squirrel named AWS SAM? What does he do, and how can we use him for easy serverless application deployments? Expect some insights into AWS SAM, AWS Rekognition and all AWS related serverless services used in a Image Rekognition example application!

Aftershow: Networking, Drinks and Food