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1, 2, 3, build - Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps

by Alexander Pacha (

Continuous Integration for Mobile Apps is not simple. But you can do it with a few tricks and the right tools. In this talk I am going to show how this can be done, so you no longer have to struggle with your next release.

Full Abstract:

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are powerful processes to ensure quality and improve the release process. But when developing mobile Apps, you face many unique challenges, that I want to discuss in my talk. I am going to show tools that support you and give practical tips on how to continuously integrate your mobile App. I am going to show three platforms, ranging from one-click solutions to fully customizable build-platforms for building Android, iOS and Xamarin Apps and also how to perform advanced tasks like signing, automated testing and monitored deployment into App Stores.

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Note: This will probably be the last meetup before a (small) summer break and special summer event.

Location: Stockwerk kitchen (1st floor)