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Angular is the most popular front-end framework in the world. It is used for building web & hybrid apps using JavaScript or Dart (https://angulardart.org/). With a great functionality, a massive and active community, hundreds of tools & libraries, Angular raises web development to a more professional level.

This a group is intended for web developers or designers interested in exploring Angular. Today we are also leading all information related to the transition towards a very different Angular 2 (https://angular.io/). Whether you are a beginner passionate about making your first apps or an advanced javascript enthusiast, this place is for you.

We are open to ideas for talks from full talks or even just a 5-minute lightning talk on anything AngularJS related. Done something cool with Angular? Show us!

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We want your feedback. Tell us what we can improve, or stuff you'd like to hear about. Or just tell us we're doing a great job! Email to feedback@500tech.com

Guest speakers

If you'd like to be part of our meetups, please send us an email: speakers@500tech.com.

The talk can be one of the following:

45min - Complete topic coverage. These talks are meant to introduce new technologies / techniques that haven't been introduced in our meetups yet.

30min - Challenge from a real life system. Focus on a specific problem that was solved, well-written architecture, performance boost, or anything that you think other people may benefit from. It's not a Showcase. The benefit should be technical, and not from the actual system.

5min - Lightning Talks. The idea is NOT to give a big flashy demo of a finished application, but rather to briefly introduce yourself and show something you ran into using AngularJS.

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Angular IL August Special meetup - Hosting Michael Hladky, GDE !

We got a crazy meetup planned for you at Microsoft Reactor Tel Aviv hosting Michael RX Hladky(GDE, NG-Vienna)!! Agenda: 18:30 Meet and mingle 19:00 Bye bye NgModules - Eliran Eliassy, e-square 19:40 Break 20:00 A deep dive into RxJS subjects - Michael Haldky, GDE 20:30 Experts panel - Michael Haldky, Eliran Eliassy, Elad Bezalel, Shai Reznik 20:40 Raffle time: 1 ticket to NgTalk conference in Ukraine!! 3 Webstorm license. 21:00 Go home happy! About the talks and speakers: **** Bye bye NgModules - Eliran Eliassy Zones? Injectors? Modules? Haven't you always wanted to create just 1 simple component without being worried about those massive buzzwords? Now you can finally get it! Angular is changing, and with the upcoming release of Ivy, it becomes much leaner and dynamic than before. In this talk, I will demonstrate why Angular Ivy is truly a game-changer. We will understand how we can leverage the Ivy renderer to create independent components, without zones, and without the need of modules. We will learn how to import non-routable components dynamically and even to create higher-order components decorators! Ivy is coming! Eliran is an experienced FE developer, specialized in B2C applications Founder & developer @ e-square.io Eliran is an Angular activist: Co-Organiser @ AngularUP Annual Conference Co-Organiser and manager @ Angular-IL meetup And writer for AngularInDepth.com **** A deep dive into RxJS subjects - Michael Haldky -------- Pretty much everyone already used a subject at some point. But do you really know about it? Probably not! By diving deep into the source code of rxjs you will gain advanced knowledge about the different type of subjects, how to implement those on your own and all the nitty gritty details. Understand the internals of a subject and it’s concepts. Get a better understanding of all the subjects, their differences and usages. This talk will demonstrate how to use subjects and and especially how everyone benefits in their daily working routine. Solve multicasting problems, implement caching, maintain your subscribers and implement a message bus. Furthermore you will realize how often you miss used them. This is possible with subjects and many more ?! -------- Michael is located in Vienna, Austria. He is a certified GoogleDeveloperExpert, trainer, developer, and consultant in frontend development with a focus on Angular, RxJS, Typescript and Ionic. His higher goal is to change the way how the current industry is approaching knowledge, learning, and education. Therefore he develops unique approaches in teaching software development and team culture. As an active community member, he is the organizer and founder of: Angular Vienna and NestJS Vienna as well as the founder and leading head of Angular Austria, a non-profit association to support Angular. Furthermore, he is cooperating with several events and conferences in IT. As former Head Of Program at WeAreDevelopers, he was responsible for the conference content, speaker evaluation, moderation and stage concepts for one of the biggest IT-Congresses in Europe. Michael is part of the advisory board of EnterJS and helps to create a high-quality lineup for the conference as well as to make sure the invited speakers, sponsors and attendees have an amazing time at the event. For the Austrian open source award openminds he evaluates projects and ideas as part of the jury. See you there!

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AngularUP 2019 * Paid Event*

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