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Angular is the most popular front-end framework in the world. It is used for building web & hybrid apps using JavaScript or Dart (https://angulardart.org/). With a great functionality, a massive and active community, hundreds of tools & libraries, Angular raises web development to a more professional level.

This a group is intended for web developers or designers interested in exploring Angular. Whether you are a beginner passionate about making your first apps or an advanced javascript enthusiast, this place is for you.

We are open to ideas for talks from full talks or even just a 5-minute lightning talk on anything Angular related. Done something cool with Angular? Show us!


We want your feedback. Tell us what we can improve, or stuff you'd like to hear about. Or just tell us we're doing a great job! Email to nur@eventhandler.co.il

Guest speakers

If you'd like to be part of our meetups, please send us an email: nur@eventhandler.co.il

The talk can be one of the following:

45min - Complete topic coverage. These talks are meant to introduce new technologies / techniques that haven't been introduced in our meetups yet.

30min - Challenge from a real life system. Focus on a specific problem that was solved, well-written architecture, performance boost, or anything that you think other people may benefit from. It's not a Showcase. The benefit should be technical, and not from the actual system.

5min - Lightning Talks. The idea is NOT to give a big flashy demo of a finished application, but rather to briefly introduce yourself and show something you ran into using AngularJS.

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Angular-IL Summer Meetup - Powered by frontegg!

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Save the date for our next Angular-IL meetup!

This time our sponsors and hosts are frontegg! Check out their amazing career opportunities here: frontegg.com/careers

Agenda (All talks will be in Hebrew):

18:30 Meet & Mingle

19:00 - Rendering Angular component inside other frameworks - David Antoon, Front-End Architect @ Frontegg

5 years ago David got a task which sounded unreal. His task was to integrate his Angular application to a global React application.
His immediate reaction was: “I want to quit”…
But then he started to explore how the internals of Javascript and Angular works.
Few weeks later, his Angular application was integrated to the React application… Seamlessly…
This is his story of 5 years transition from old generation Angular application development to microfrontends development using Angular

19:30 Writing full-stack code without repeating yourself - Noam Honig, Founder @ Firefly Migration, volunteer fullstack developer/mentor @ various NGOs, open-source contributor

As full-stack developers, we write a lot of duplicate and boilerplate code for everyday things such as simple database CRUD, data validation, authorization, and data-type conversions. How can we use a modern web architecture, but still keep our code DRY and increase our productivity?
Remult is an open-source CRUD framework for full-stack TypeScript. In this live coding session, we'll use Remult to turn a front-end React app into a full-stack app with code that is easy to write, follow, and, most importantly - maintain.

20:00 Raffle - 3 Free Webstorm Licenses!


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Angular IL May Meetup! Powered by Locusview

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