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Angular is the most popular front-end framework in the world. It is used for building web & hybrid apps using JavaScript or Dart (https://angulardart.org/). With a great functionality, a massive and active community, hundreds of tools & libraries, Angular raises web development to a more professional level.

This a group is intended for web developers or designers interested in exploring Angular. Whether you are a beginner passionate about making your first apps or an advanced javascript enthusiast, this place is for you.

We are open to ideas for talks from full talks or even just a 5-minute lightning talk on anything Angular related. Done something cool with Angular? Show us!


We want your feedback. Tell us what we can improve, or stuff you'd like to hear about. Or just tell us we're doing a great job! Email to nur@eventhandler.co.il

Guest speakers

If you'd like to be part of our meetups, please send us an email: nur@eventhandler.co.il

The talk can be one of the following:

45min - Complete topic coverage. These talks are meant to introduce new technologies / techniques that haven't been introduced in our meetups yet.

30min - Challenge from a real life system. Focus on a specific problem that was solved, well-written architecture, performance boost, or anything that you think other people may benefit from. It's not a Showcase. The benefit should be technical, and not from the actual system.

5min - Lightning Talks. The idea is NOT to give a big flashy demo of a finished application, but rather to briefly introduce yourself and show something you ran into using AngularJS.

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2021 - New Dawn


Happy new year! Let's kick-off 2021 with two new speakers! (First time in Angular IL). 馃摚 Up & Running with cypress 馃棧 Nitsan Zohar - Frontend Tech Lead @ Next Insurance 鈩癸笍 Cypress is a next-generation front end testing tool built for the modern web. They address the key pain points developers and QA engineers face when testing modern applications. In this session, we will learn how to add cypress to angular projects, setup, write, and run cypress tests. ------------------------------------------- 馃摚 Angular Forms 馃棧 Lital Kaminsky - Fullstack developer @ Bursa 讛讘讜专住讛 诇谞讬讬专讜转 注专讱 鈩癸笍 TBA

Angular on the rocks - There are no bad practices!


** Live streaming in front of a live audience** Fill this form if you like to attend in person: https://forms.gle/XnKwgBCD5J3RVEz27 There are no bad practices. Just trade-offs. Let's dive into the real world! because sometimes, a 'Bad practice' is not optional... The trick is to learn and make sure you understand what's going -on, and how to it right! We will use jQuery in Angular, work with promises instead of RxJS, Pass callbacks as Inputs - and much more!

Angular on the rocks - Angular router in depth (advanced)


** Live streaming in front of a live audience** Fill this form if you like to attend: https://forms.gle/XnKwgBCD5J3RVEz27 Let's dive into routing in Angular! From basic configurations, up to advanced techniques. We will cover it all :)

AngularUP 2021 **paid event**


Join us at Israel's annual Angular conference, with over 600 expected attendees! We are thrilled to present the 2021 edition of AngularUP. Held in the center of the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, this community-driven event is a day packed with advanced lectures by internationally renowned speakers, and a networking opportunities with over 600 attendees from all around the world, that share a passion for Angular. **Ticket sale starts on May 9th** EARLY BIRD PRICE IS AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST 50 TICKET SOLD WHO IS IT FOR? Some of the topics covered in the conference: Angular core topics The future of Angular and Angular migration path Bundling & Packaging Rendering on server and mobile Performance Tools & The ecosystem ...and more CALL FOR PROPOSALS WILL BE OPEN ON JANUARY 15TH! For more information visit angular-up.com/2021 ------ Code of conduct: https://angular-up.com/code-of-conduct/ ------ Cancelation policy: Up to 30 days prior to the event 鈥 100% Refund 30-14 days prior to the event 鈥 50% Refund No refund will be offered later than that. If the event will be canceled or postponed due to COVID19 we will issue a full refund.

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