Angular Meetup - Leipzig #23: Server Side Rendering & Pre-Rendering with Angular

Angular Meetup - Leipzig
Angular Meetup - Leipzig
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Basislager Coworking Leipzig

Peterssteinweg 14 · Leipzig

Wie du uns findest

Use Tram 10/11 to "Münzgasse" or walk from the city. Wait at the front door, someone will welcome you down there. The room "Mount Everest" is in the 4th floor.

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• Was wir unternehmen werden/What we want to do
Single page applications in their pure form have one conceptual problem: the JavaScript code runs in one single “empty” HTML page. Search engines like the Google Bot don’t like to render JavaScript and see nothing but a blank page. SEO becomes almost impossible! What is more, before the user can interact with our app, the code must be downloaded and rendered. This extends loading time and makes users frustrated.

In this talk, Angular book author and Google Developer Expert Ferdinand Malcher will introduce you to the concepts and ideas of server-side rendering and pre-rendering with Angular. We will talk about possible solutions and go through specific examples with Angular. The extensive tooling around “Angular Universal” greatly helps us on our way. You will learn how the Angular server platform works and how you can set up a server-rendered application on your own.

• Was solltest Du mitbringen/What you should bring
Fragen, Anregungen, Dich/Questions, Suggestions, Yourself

• Wichtig zu wissen/Important to know
Sprache/Language: English

Speaker: Ferdinand Malcher, Google Developer Expert

Level: Intermediate

Vorkenntnisse (Wünschenswert)/Previous knowledge (Desirable): You should be familiar with Angular and Node.js but there’s no further knowledge required.

- Einlass/Entry: 18:20 Uhr
- Vorstellungsrunde + Orga/Icebreaker + Orga: 18:30 - 18:45 Uhr
- Start of the talk: ~ 18:45 Uhr
- Dauer/Duration: 45 min
- Fragerunde/Question round: 30 min
- Gemütliches Beisammensein/A nice time together

Livestream: No livestream this time.

Drinks and pizza are available. 🦄🥤