#26 Angular Meetup

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After a summer break, we're back at it with Angular Meetups. We will start at Talentry and hear what Paul has to say about how they do forms. Then we'll see if there's anything interesting in the new Angular Ivy.

This time Talentry will be kind to host us and to buy us pizza, drinks and other software ingredients.

#1 Paul Janicki, Talentry
Dynamic forms in Angular - lessons learned

In our application admins can configure forms which are displayed to the end user. There are more than a dozen custom fields, each is represented by a component, which is added to a form using the ComponentFactoryResolver. Components live in the UI library and are highly reusable. I this talk I will showcase what we’ve learned about ComponentFactoryResolver, ControlValueAccessor, using the same components both dynamically and as tags in a template.

Paul is a Frontend focused software engineer at Talentry with a passion for great user and developer experience. Owner of the component UI library at Talentry, he works a lot with Angular, takes care of the Frontend architecture and implements user interfaces.

#2 Zlatko Duric, your unworthy co-organizer
Can we build js13k games with Angular yet?

The new rendering engine for Angular, Ivy, is shipped. You can use it in your apps. One of the more interesting promises of the new rendering engine is that the bundle sizes of the finished applications could get a lot smaller with Ivy. But why does it even matter?

For this talk I'm going to explore this topic a bit more. Is this already usable? How can we try it? How big is the regular angular bundle compared to the Ivy bundle? Did the new differential loader help, and how much? Are there more things coming in the future that will help us with the bundle size?

Zlatko is a Web Technologies person at the Automotive branch at msg systems, where he's training, coaching and mentoring people in Angular and other frontend frameworks, helping out with general web topics and sometimes writes code.